Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kaci's friends (rock)

What I've realized about the blogging world is that my friends are not the type of friends who read blogs.
maybe they are just to young to appreciate the awesomeness of  blogs or perhaps they are influenced by their journalism classes (who preach more about how blog are ruining journalism more then by religion classes preach about God)
but whatever reason I normally have to force my friends to read them (seriously, they should all just use google reader and they can easily check it when they are checking their gmail)

Even though my friends don't actively read my blog, I'm okay with it because Kaci's friends do.
I had theories in why Kaci's friends follow blogs... but those mostly revolved around being a republican, having families, or  possibly religion.
but Kaci's friend Lesli shoot down the republican thing, her most recent blog post said she was a democrat.  (I was really banking on the Republican thing and maybe it having something to do with an non-liberal education, but whatev).

But the more and more I think about it Kaci's friends most like my blog because of one reason.
I'm awesome. 

this theory was support by a recent email I received from Kaci
it stated that her boss has recently been reading through my old Disney blog and has LOVED them (the love part wasn't stated, but i think it was implied.)

so in conclusion Katie K. is my new favorite person, because she appreciates my awesomeness


  1. oh and your theories. You make me smile...One day till Miley Cyrus.

  2. We are fighting now. Katie (I like to refer to her as "Bossness") can not be your new favorite person...why? Simply because I said so. Maybe if she had her own blog I would not say so, but she is no blogger...just a stalker. I do heart her very much though, so you can heart her. You just can't have her be your favorite. On another note...I HEART Kaci. Even if she is a die hard Republican (blech.) I'm not a judger...did you see that part too? No judging here. ha..

  3. ps. thank you for the tag in your blog. I do rock.

  4. When have I ever said I was a die hard republican? I'm think I'm pretty far from having that label.

  5. i don't know...i'm just making assumptions based on what your sister thinks about you. lol.

  6. I have been reading your blog ever since Kaci introduced me... I don't know that I have ever met you... but kaci is cool... so that means you should be too, right? Anyway... yours is a fun one that I look forward everyday... It shows up in my google reader... while I am at work.

  7. okay.
    -lesli is my fav.
    -Katie K is my second fav
    -Carrie is my third fav. (and yea i am actually way cooler then Kaci)