Thursday, October 15, 2009

the joys of anonymous blogs

Whenever something really inappropriate, embarrassing, or whenever someone really just gets on my nerves... I really just wish I could blog about it.
but I don't  b/c 1) i'm afraid of looking like a bigger creep then I actually am or 2) afraid that my mom is going to read it and assume the worse. 

Here are a list of things that I would blog about if I had an anonymous blog or if my family wasn't so... judgmental.  (I'm just kidding Kaci. I know you would hate for me to call you judgmental, but I know the other two sisters are)

1) the obsession I have with the boy who sits in front of me in my German class.
I suppose I might be able to blog about this since Kaci has written 7 post about Caribou man she creeps on....and it is much more likely that the college student in front of me has access to a computer unlike the 70 year old Kaci stalks (and who knows I could become his friend someday and I don't want him to be creeped out).

2) random drinking stories.

3) more importantly the list of things I regret when I'm slightly intoxicated.

4) That I really just want to vent about certain people.  I know I already vent about certain things, but sometimes you just want to complain about people who you know read your blog (someone once told me if they didn't know me they would think my blog was depressing... I really wanted to vent about that person, but I didn't b/c they obviously read my blog).

5) why sometimes I wish I wasn't so tech savy

6) My real college bucket list and how exciting it is when you cross something off of it.

7) I really want to write a blog post about why I believe judging and some stereotypes are okay....

8) the random people I internet stalk daily

9) or even the random other people who have blogs that I stalk daily... you know the people you had one class with freshmen year and you never actually talked to, but somehow you found their blog.

10) That I can spend a day all day looking through a sites like college candy and immediately send half the articles to Allison and Steph.... it sad that I can relate to such a typical college site
11) my professors...  I know they don't read my blog.  but the fact that you can google my name and it comes up makes me a little hesitant to blog about the stupid, stupid, stupid things they talk about.
maybe after midterms I'll write a post about them.... I do have some great stories. 

12) but in reality, I really just want to blog about....  boys, drinking, and PLDs. 


  1. I think it would be totally ok to blog about #1,2,5,7,8,10

    ps i like how your numbering goes from 10 back to 8

    Just how you firmly believe we all judge people, I believe we all stalk people, so we might as well admit it :)

  2. A problem with anonymous blogs is how do you get readership?

  3. i think people who anonymous blogs gets readership the same way a normal blogger (who doesn't have 3 sisters) gets readership.

    PLD = poor life decision

  4. my vote:
    blog about everything !! (*wildcard*)

    ...and i'm sorry i use your tech-savviness (i just like to assume you were referring to me asking you about picasa)
    ...and i love the college candy stories you send