Monday, October 5, 2009

i'm easily distracted...

top 10 reasons you shouldn't study at the library

1.  The coffee is mediocre
2. people really believe the library is some sort of social event (they have group study area for a reason... use it)
3. and there is a small group of girls who also believe the library is a perfect place to meet a guy.  (apparently I missed that article in the recent issue of cosmo)
4. the one person sitting next to you will be the JA that decided it is necessary to listen to their music disturbingly loud.
5. someone will always call you and expect you to talk to them (ie Kinsey calling me and telling me I should work at the IRS, didn't I just write a post about how this bugs me)
6. it is impossible to find a spot if you come between the hours of 7-10.. before that or after that no one is here.
7. the printer charges you 10 cents a page and if you print on both sides of the paper it charges you 20 cents... I would be more inclined to be environmentally friendly if they charged me less.
8. even though I have internet access at home I have checked my email 10 times, update my twitter 6 times, wrote on 4 different people fb wall, and I'm currently writing a blog.  I don't know how people studied before computers.
9. they have signs hanging up in the library that says "no food or drinks" and "no cell phone usage".... I wonder if anybody actually gets in trouble for breaking those rules (this isn't really a point, but it does show how I'm easily distracted)
10. A candy bar cost way to much.