Monday, October 26, 2009

Google Reader... Fail.

I have given into the trend of Google Reader (thanks Kaci) and normally love how easily it allows me to stalk read the blogs I follow.
but I have noticed one thing  that drives me insane.
They like recommending blogs to you, normally I enjoy these recommended blogs.... but other times I'm just confused about why they would ever think I would be interested in certain things


Mirror Universe Tape:  I can't remember the last time I actually bought a new CD and I'm pretty sure I have never blogged about wanting to listen to trendy music.   plus they have only updated their blog 12 times this year... if they updated it more I could pretend to take an interest.

Crazy Georgia Lost Fan: I like Lost, but I don't LOVE it... and I have no deisre to read a blog about Lost, especially when the new season doesn't start for another 86 days.

Surviving College Life:  4 years to late

Play Ground are No place for Children:  family blogs. yuck.  I blame Kassie for the daily blogs that are recommended to me that have something to do with families.
I want to stalk Graham and Kassie not random people who have kids.

Metropuritan:  religious blogs. yuck. I blame Kaci for this one.


  1. that would be my bosses old blog from salt company...i bet all of my friends who follow you also follow him.

  2. you use hate a lot in that blog.

  3. kassie- i didn't use "hate" once in this blog. insane & yuck... yes. hate... no

  4. I guess you had a hateful tone.