Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I hate library coffee.
I hate having to pay 1.89 for a cup of crap that has been sitting in a container for god knows how long.
I hate that the library has "sold out" and now serves Star Bucks
I hate that I can't understand the Starbucks definition on the coffee containers
I hate that I look like a tool drinking out of a Starbucks coffee cup
I hate that I forgot my coffee mug at home
I hate that I had to add sugar and cream to this water down coffee to make it taste good
I hate that I'm to lazy to walk to get a real cup of coffee
I hate that my breath now smells like coffee
I hate that I think that everybody can smell my coffee breath
I hate that I spilled coffee on myself earlier and now my hand hurts
I hate that coffee is so hot
I hate that I won't feel the affects of this coffee until I decide to leave the library
I hate that coffee isn't laced with adderall and won't cure my ADD

I hate that I love coffee

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