Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a blog about my Germany class... I know I'm full of surprises

apparently the only things I know how to blog about is midterms and Germany... and since I'm a sucker for trends I will continue to blog about Germany and Midterms.

1. technically I thought I was done with Midterms, but no. my professors decide that writing midterm papers are "lots" of fun. (yuck)
2. I like my German class, but it seriously has been controlling my life for the last couple of weeks.  All I talk about is Germany, Nazis, death camps, etc... and let me tell you people do like hearing about any of this stuff.

okay. my current problem.  (and I know I have blogged about this before.. or at least tweeted about it)
but I have to write an autobiography for a German born in 1910.  we have 4 installments and each installment is suppose to be 3-4 pages.  my last installment was 6 pages and took place from 1914-1932, generally your first 23 years of your life would include lots of information (I know I'm 23 and I have lots of things to talk about... so why wouldn't my German character)
and... oh yeah, add a world war, hyperinflation, school, college, and a Great Depression and you try to get it down to 4 pages. yeah right.

anyway. I handed it in, got a B.  was told I needed to talk more about my family.  (yeah right. what do you expect in a 4 page paper)

now I'm writing my second installment from 1933-1945 (the Nazi years).  I'm currently at page 3 and have only gone into March of 1933.  But I'm pretty sure there is no way to shorten it.
my problem is that my character is a communist (once again if you know anything about Nazi Germany, you know that Nazi hated Communist).  and since Nazis started putting Communist in concentration camps as early as March 1933.
There is no way I can shorten how important the first couple months are for a communist living in Nazi Germany... obviously this is beyond important for character development.

Then I have the dilemma of trying to figure out when to put my character into a camp.  I don't want to do it right away, bc I would much rather him try to tough it out for a couple of years before he gets caught.  
and plus I have no idea how to shorten a person stay in a concentration camp to essentially a page.... I mean people write whole books about their imprisonment in these camp, it just doesn't seem right to just briefly mention it. 

blah, maybe I'll just write my paper in 10.5 pt font and have .5 margins.   and maybe my character will get hit in the head by something and won't remember a couple years of his life..... that would really help me out.

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  1. i started reading this and was like, "i'm gonna have to bail like halfway through because this sounds awful." but! i didn't because i'm a little jealous of this super cool assignment. sounds like a cool story!

    it's amazing what you become jealous of when you're no longer forced to do it :)