Friday, October 30, 2009

The Simpsons

I haven't watched an episode of The Simpsons in forever, but I just got done watching this years Treehouse of Horror episode (I was trying to get into the Halloween mood) and as a result I got into the The Simpsons mood.
After watching a couple of episodes I realized they changed the beginning.

my thoughts:
1) i like it
2) I'm glad it only took them 20 years to update it

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

thoughts of the day

1.  I wish more people would blow bubbles when they chew bubble gum.  I hate that people chew gum for practical reason.. it is called bubble gum for a reason

2. leggings should always be worn under something.  they are not pants.

3. there is no reason everyone shouldn't own a cardigan.

4. you can only listen to Pandora for 40 hours a month, apparently everyone but me knew this.  I freaked out for 5 minutes before Kaci informed me that I could just use another email address... I love how it is so easy to outsmart internet companies. but I do feel slightly bad for that group of individuals who pay the 30 dollars a month to listen to Pandora.

5. I wonder if there is a proper way to write a header on papers in the real world.  Ever since middle school I have been told you label a paper like this...
October 28, 2009
Class Name
It just seems like I have been wasting my time for the past 10 years.
but more importantly, do you ever have to write a paper in the real world.  my schooling has taught me so many wasted talents.

6. Why do people rake leaves. I'm pretty sure it isn't a law (but I could be wrong.) and raking seems like a lot of work for something you don't have to do.
The only logically reason I can come up with is that people put their leaves in nice little piles to make some 23 year old really happy about being able to walk through it.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a blog about my Germany class... I know I'm full of surprises

apparently the only things I know how to blog about is midterms and Germany... and since I'm a sucker for trends I will continue to blog about Germany and Midterms.

1. technically I thought I was done with Midterms, but no. my professors decide that writing midterm papers are "lots" of fun. (yuck)
2. I like my German class, but it seriously has been controlling my life for the last couple of weeks.  All I talk about is Germany, Nazis, death camps, etc... and let me tell you people do like hearing about any of this stuff.

okay. my current problem.  (and I know I have blogged about this before.. or at least tweeted about it)
but I have to write an autobiography for a German born in 1910.  we have 4 installments and each installment is suppose to be 3-4 pages.  my last installment was 6 pages and took place from 1914-1932, generally your first 23 years of your life would include lots of information (I know I'm 23 and I have lots of things to talk about... so why wouldn't my German character)
and... oh yeah, add a world war, hyperinflation, school, college, and a Great Depression and you try to get it down to 4 pages. yeah right.

anyway. I handed it in, got a B.  was told I needed to talk more about my family.  (yeah right. what do you expect in a 4 page paper)

now I'm writing my second installment from 1933-1945 (the Nazi years).  I'm currently at page 3 and have only gone into March of 1933.  But I'm pretty sure there is no way to shorten it.
my problem is that my character is a communist (once again if you know anything about Nazi Germany, you know that Nazi hated Communist).  and since Nazis started putting Communist in concentration camps as early as March 1933.
There is no way I can shorten how important the first couple months are for a communist living in Nazi Germany... obviously this is beyond important for character development.

Then I have the dilemma of trying to figure out when to put my character into a camp.  I don't want to do it right away, bc I would much rather him try to tough it out for a couple of years before he gets caught.  
and plus I have no idea how to shorten a person stay in a concentration camp to essentially a page.... I mean people write whole books about their imprisonment in these camp, it just doesn't seem right to just briefly mention it. 

blah, maybe I'll just write my paper in 10.5 pt font and have .5 margins.   and maybe my character will get hit in the head by something and won't remember a couple years of his life..... that would really help me out.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Google Reader... Fail.

I have given into the trend of Google Reader (thanks Kaci) and normally love how easily it allows me to stalk read the blogs I follow.
but I have noticed one thing  that drives me insane.
They like recommending blogs to you, normally I enjoy these recommended blogs.... but other times I'm just confused about why they would ever think I would be interested in certain things


Mirror Universe Tape:  I can't remember the last time I actually bought a new CD and I'm pretty sure I have never blogged about wanting to listen to trendy music.   plus they have only updated their blog 12 times this year... if they updated it more I could pretend to take an interest.

Crazy Georgia Lost Fan: I like Lost, but I don't LOVE it... and I have no deisre to read a blog about Lost, especially when the new season doesn't start for another 86 days.

Surviving College Life:  4 years to late

Play Ground are No place for Children:  family blogs. yuck.  I blame Kassie for the daily blogs that are recommended to me that have something to do with families.
I want to stalk Graham and Kassie not random people who have kids.

Metropuritan:  religious blogs. yuck. I blame Kaci for this one.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hate, Coffe, Night, Midterms, Drinking, point, etc...

Kaci sent me this link earlier and it allows you to create a "word collage" of the the most used words in your blog.

Wordle: kelsey awesome

I'm not sure how accurately it represents my blog as a whole, but I know it represents the majority of my post from the past week.
and it is easy to see why "Hate" and "Coffee" came up considering I mentioned hate and coffee at least 15 times a couple of post back, but whatev.  it was still highly entertaining.  

but regardless, I probably should start blogging about "happier" things.  (or at least but words like Love and Happy at the end of every post)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

This doesn't make me an alcoholic (midterms)

I've had this analogy since freshmen year where I compare midterms/finals  to drinking and being hungover.  Personally I think it is 100% accurate and I'm only found a handful of skeptics in the 20 or so people I have told.
so here it is...

Beginning of semester: you claim you're going to be a good student and that you will finish all your homework, attend classes, and maybe even read head
Beginning of the night:  you are going to be responsible and only have one drink, because honestly you have stuff you have to do tomorrow. 

3 weeks in to class: by now you understand which classes you have to do work for and which classes you can skip
Drinking routine: you know what bars has drinks specials, how much liquor you can handle, and what to wear to get free drinks.

2 weeks before midterms/finals:  you have almost completely stop doing the reading, taking notes, and attending large lectures.
Shots: the point in your night where you forget that jager bombs make you throw up and that opening a tap on Dollar-U-Call it night may be a stupid idea.  but this is also the point where you think dancing to Miley's Party in the USA is the best idea ever!

The week before your midterm: when you realize you have 3 books to read, 2 papers to write, and 3 exams worth half of your grade.
Blackout mood:  the point when all of a sudden the 5 shots you took a half an hour ago is finally hitting you.  the point where you need help walking to the bathroom and you actually order water at the bar. 

The day before midterms: The night where you pass out reading "The Complete History of Germany" and you honestly believe that the rest semester you will do all the readings and finish all your homework. 
Right before you pass out: curled up to the toilet and telling yourself you had no idea how you got so drunk

The hour before your midterm: crap. the point where you realize you are not prepared and you tell your self "never again"
The hour after you get up: crap.  the point where you realize you are still in your clothes from the night before and you are to afraid to move in case your body decides it wants to throw up.  you constantly tell your self "never again"

After the midterm: that sucked, but it wasn't that bad.  next time I'll just keep up on the readings.
End of the next day: wow being hungover sucks, but it is over now and it wasn't that bad.  next time I'll just drink less.

A week later: you didn't do that bad on the midterm and you have completely forgot how much "studying" the night before sucks
Shots: lets be honest you are only in college once and everyone does love dancing to Miley.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I hate library coffee.
I hate having to pay 1.89 for a cup of crap that has been sitting in a container for god knows how long.
I hate that the library has "sold out" and now serves Star Bucks
I hate that I can't understand the Starbucks definition on the coffee containers
I hate that I look like a tool drinking out of a Starbucks coffee cup
I hate that I forgot my coffee mug at home
I hate that I had to add sugar and cream to this water down coffee to make it taste good
I hate that I'm to lazy to walk to get a real cup of coffee
I hate that my breath now smells like coffee
I hate that I think that everybody can smell my coffee breath
I hate that I spilled coffee on myself earlier and now my hand hurts
I hate that coffee is so hot
I hate that I won't feel the affects of this coffee until I decide to leave the library
I hate that coffee isn't laced with adderall and won't cure my ADD

I hate that I love coffee

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hooters. News Worthy?

This right here is the number 1 reason I cannot watch local news.

and I always thought real news should focus on things like the economy, health care, politics, war, or even a kid flying around in a balloon....  I guess I was wrong,  Americans really just care about the talents of their local Hooter waitress

I love Wikipedia

I'm "studying" for my German midterm and have come to the conclusion that Wikipedia is the best invention ever. 
... seriously, every time I use it I get about 5X more information then I ever thought I needed.
example: you type in Germany.  You click on WWII, Hitler, Catholic Church, Euthanasia, etc. and the next thing you know you are figuring out that assisted suicides are legal in Montana.

- another example of the Wikipedia's awesomeness
Their insight on George Grosz...

"Though he had US citizenship, he resolved to return to Berlin, where he died on July 6, 1959 from the effects of falling down a flight of stairs after a night of drinking."

Thanks to Wiki
1) if George Grosz is an ID term on my test I'll probably forget how he influenced New Objectivity in Berlin and Germany and focus more on his drinking social habits.
2) I now want to die in a way that will allow wiki to add a clever sentence in the mist of my bio about my death
Death by heart attack... lame 
Death by falling down a flight of stairs, while intoxicated... now that is biography worthy

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Study Spot: Main Library "Art" section
Snack: Hershey Hugs and Pretzels
Pandora Station: The Velvet Underground
Writing Utensil: an old JEL highlighter I found and rainbow colored sharpies.
Drink: Coffee, no sugar and light on the cream
Clothes: Kinsey's sweatpants :)
Productivity Level: Very Low
Distraction Level: Very High

apparently the main library closes at 10:00 on Friday and Saturday.   It is a little sad that it took my 4 years to figure this out....
but it is okay b/c now I don't feel bad for wasting all those Friday/Saturday nights drinking instead of studying.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

the joys of anonymous blogs

Whenever something really inappropriate, embarrassing, or whenever someone really just gets on my nerves... I really just wish I could blog about it.
but I don't  b/c 1) i'm afraid of looking like a bigger creep then I actually am or 2) afraid that my mom is going to read it and assume the worse. 

Here are a list of things that I would blog about if I had an anonymous blog or if my family wasn't so... judgmental.  (I'm just kidding Kaci. I know you would hate for me to call you judgmental, but I know the other two sisters are)

1) the obsession I have with the boy who sits in front of me in my German class.
I suppose I might be able to blog about this since Kaci has written 7 post about Caribou man she creeps on....and it is much more likely that the college student in front of me has access to a computer unlike the 70 year old Kaci stalks (and who knows I could become his friend someday and I don't want him to be creeped out).

2) random drinking stories.

3) more importantly the list of things I regret when I'm slightly intoxicated.

4) That I really just want to vent about certain people.  I know I already vent about certain things, but sometimes you just want to complain about people who you know read your blog (someone once told me if they didn't know me they would think my blog was depressing... I really wanted to vent about that person, but I didn't b/c they obviously read my blog).

5) why sometimes I wish I wasn't so tech savy

6) My real college bucket list and how exciting it is when you cross something off of it.

7) I really want to write a blog post about why I believe judging and some stereotypes are okay....

8) the random people I internet stalk daily

9) or even the random other people who have blogs that I stalk daily... you know the people you had one class with freshmen year and you never actually talked to, but somehow you found their blog.

10) That I can spend a day all day looking through a sites like college candy and immediately send half the articles to Allison and Steph.... it sad that I can relate to such a typical college site
11) my professors...  I know they don't read my blog.  but the fact that you can google my name and it comes up makes me a little hesitant to blog about the stupid, stupid, stupid things they talk about.
maybe after midterms I'll write a post about them.... I do have some great stories. 

12) but in reality, I really just want to blog about....  boys, drinking, and PLDs. 

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

... then again

maybe I wouldn't see Miley in concert again. 

was this really necessary.  A simple statement by your publicist would have been okay. 

I still love my twitter

Sister Bonding with Miley

This past weekend my sisters and I went to the Miley Cyrus concert in Des Moines.
there are many things about this blog post that I'm already regretting.  I mean do I really want to admit that I had an amazing time or even that I bought  shirt with Miley's face on it for $35.
but honestly I don't care (go ahead and judge) anyone that has read my blog or knows anything about me, knows that sometimes I like to act like a tween and enjoy the simple things in life. 

To begin off...
the concert was amazing for the following reasons
1) family bonding.  there is something amazing about having four sisters in their 20's bond over pointless things like... all four sisters having their first drink together (way to take forever Kaci... aren't you like 25).
2) To go with point 1.  We were able to dance and act like complete fools, even though we were not the targeted audience.
3) We knew all the songs and sang along to all of them at the top of our lungs.  (well every song besides 7 things... I forgot to put it on the CD I made everyone.  but it was okay b/c kisney and I knew the lyrics)
3) Miley had some cool little stunts. like flying on top of the crowd on a motorcycle.   (I imagine it would have been really cool if we were closer)
4) they had a thing you could txt to get your message to appear on the big screen.  Kaci and Kassie both got their messages up.
5) I just love Disney
6) it was mostly amazing because it was Miley!!!

The concert was hilarious for the following reasons
1) the average age was 8
2) metro station opened up for Miley.  and if you have listened to any of their lyrics you can figure out why this was so hilarious.
3) the only other people dancing and singing in our section was another group of 4 teenager girls standing in front of us.
4) we got yelled at by the high school girls sitting behind us, who were too cool to stand up at the Miley concert.
5) I'm pretty sure Miley didn't wear pants at all.... which is only funny bc of point 1
6) they had messages from Miley saying things like "Omaha was louder"  even though Omaha was canceled... it was pretty hilarious.
6) I bought a shirt for $35 that had Miley's face on it.  and even thought my sisters made me buy it, they all immediately judged me after I handed the guy my credit card.

This may have been the only song the girls behind us danced to... I hope they didn't pay for the tickets (I love that Youtube can make my point known...)

Conclusion: if you can look past that the fact that she is slightly tone death, there is constantly little girls screaming, her clothes are slightly risque, and that Hannah Montana doesn't appear at the concert... I would go.
(but then again I would totally go again even if the above was 10X worse, so I may not be the best person to ask)

sick... yuck

I'm pretty sure I'm sick.
Well, according to I am sick because I am experiencing "ill health."  but I don't really think I'm the "going to die in three days" kind of sick, just the kind where you think "blah, this sucks"

in typical Kelsey fashion I decide to self diagnose my self.

With the help of  Webmd here are the top 10 things that could be wrong with me...

1. Bronchitis plausible
2. Common Cold  highly possible
3. Viral Pharyngitis  maybe
4. Asthma  probably not
5. Laryngitis   maybe
6. Tuberculosis  highly doubtful
7. Acute Sinusitis  noway
8. Pneumonia  I'm definitely not this sick
9. Pleurisy  never even heard of this one
10. Muscle Strain  haven't figured how this made it on the list.

they also told me the number one way to prevent getting the common cold was by having "good hygiene"
(i took that as a personal insult)

conclusion:  I think it is funny when people assume they are dying when they get the slightest sign of a cold.  people make me laugh.
I was also a little sad that it didn't tell me I had H1N1... now that would have be awesome.  but that is highly implausible, I mean I have never gotten the "real" flu.
if anything I think it would be cool to tell people that you got H1N1....and plus think of the clever twitter status you could put up.

Monday, October 12, 2009

this is just stupid

It just looks a little to complicated (and plus I don't think you can play CDs on it... lame)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

T-E-A-M, Graham, Football, Free Food!

My weekend (in photos)
well minus the Miley Cyrus concert.... I have to much to say about that to be included in this blog post. (and plus I'm waiting for Kaci to put her pics on fb)

Reunited with the T-E-A-M and 820 girls

reunited with Graham!

Family bonding (minus mom and Kaci)

Tailgated for the Michigan game. I sold my ticket for 80, probably the best decision of my life.

Getting free food at the law building.  thanks class of 59!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Kaci's friends (rock)

What I've realized about the blogging world is that my friends are not the type of friends who read blogs.
maybe they are just to young to appreciate the awesomeness of  blogs or perhaps they are influenced by their journalism classes (who preach more about how blog are ruining journalism more then by religion classes preach about God)
but whatever reason I normally have to force my friends to read them (seriously, they should all just use google reader and they can easily check it when they are checking their gmail)

Even though my friends don't actively read my blog, I'm okay with it because Kaci's friends do.
I had theories in why Kaci's friends follow blogs... but those mostly revolved around being a republican, having families, or  possibly religion.
but Kaci's friend Lesli shoot down the republican thing, her most recent blog post said she was a democrat.  (I was really banking on the Republican thing and maybe it having something to do with an non-liberal education, but whatev).

But the more and more I think about it Kaci's friends most like my blog because of one reason.
I'm awesome. 

this theory was support by a recent email I received from Kaci
it stated that her boss has recently been reading through my old Disney blog and has LOVED them (the love part wasn't stated, but i think it was implied.)

so in conclusion Katie K. is my new favorite person, because she appreciates my awesomeness

Monday, October 5, 2009

i'm easily distracted...

top 10 reasons you shouldn't study at the library

1.  The coffee is mediocre
2. people really believe the library is some sort of social event (they have group study area for a reason... use it)
3. and there is a small group of girls who also believe the library is a perfect place to meet a guy.  (apparently I missed that article in the recent issue of cosmo)
4. the one person sitting next to you will be the JA that decided it is necessary to listen to their music disturbingly loud.
5. someone will always call you and expect you to talk to them (ie Kinsey calling me and telling me I should work at the IRS, didn't I just write a post about how this bugs me)
6. it is impossible to find a spot if you come between the hours of 7-10.. before that or after that no one is here.
7. the printer charges you 10 cents a page and if you print on both sides of the paper it charges you 20 cents... I would be more inclined to be environmentally friendly if they charged me less.
8. even though I have internet access at home I have checked my email 10 times, update my twitter 6 times, wrote on 4 different people fb wall, and I'm currently writing a blog.  I don't know how people studied before computers.
9. they have signs hanging up in the library that says "no food or drinks" and "no cell phone usage".... I wonder if anybody actually gets in trouble for breaking those rules (this isn't really a point, but it does show how I'm easily distracted)
10. A candy bar cost way to much.

An Outline for The Week

Monday:  finish my homework for the week.  well really only the homework I have to hand in for a grade... i.e. my nonprofit mission statement and the media diaries I was suppose to work on all semester

Tuesday: go to class, probably take a nap, finish the homework that I decided I didn't want to do on monday, go to class, and then be reunited with Allison.
Which means we will probably hit up our normal Tuesday night spot.  i.e. Brothers for dollar you call it.  (I really wish Fiesta Mexico was still open)

Wednesday: recover, finish my homework that I decided I didn't want to do on Tuesday, go to class, and hang out with Allison again.  Which I imagine will leave to some poor life decisions that go beyond spending my wednesday night drinking.

Thursday: go to class (well maybe I'll go to class, this really just depends on how Wednesday night ends) and then I'll spend the next couple hours getting really excited to see Mike and Leslie.  And once the 820 (+ Mike) is reunited we will probably begin the night in typical 820 fashion; going to BoJames and listen to Glenn Live and then head wherever the "alums" want to go.

Friday: wake up (hopefully with no headache) and head to Des Moines for some intense family bonding with Kassie, Kinsey, and Kaci. 
The night will consist of taking lots of photos and more importantly rocking out at the Miley concert!!! **

Saturday: wake up ealry-ish (well this time really just depends on when Kinsey tell me we are leaving) and head back to Iowa City.  I'll spend the morning/afternoon drinking with my some of my favorite Hawkeye alum and then I'll probably head downtown to drink some more.  (selling my ticket will fund my drinking habits for the week and honestly I like drinking more then football)

Sunday: recover

Conclusion: I'm beyond excited!!!

**correction: I also get to see Graham, which at least 10X more exciting then anything listed on this list.  (I figured if I mentioned it, I would make Allison, Mike, Allison, My Mom, Kinsey, Kaci, and Kassie really jealous... so to make sure I didn't hurt anyone feelings I excluded him, but for my justification I was going to write an amazing blog about how awesome Graham is.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My week in 10 points

1. I have recently fallen in love with the Matchbox Twenty pandora station.

2. I have also fallen in love with Hulu.  I know I'm about 6 months late on this trend, but this is the first time in a long time that I have steady access to fast internet.

3. I have discovered the children movie section at the library.  I seriously spent 20 minutes looking at the movies.  They had everything from School House Rock to Cinderella. (of course I didn't rent any, bc i just rented 3 movies on the AFI list and I like to think I have priorities.)

4.I spent all Tuesday night writing a fake autobiography for my German class. Originally I wanted to have my character be as a member of the SPD, but at about midnight I decided that a communist lawyer would be more interesting.   Of course being the procrastinator I am, I only had one chance to read through it before I handed it in (and the majority of that time was used to fix major plot holes.)  the paper ended up being 6 pages, instead of the 3 I was assigned. I'm hoping that my professor will just give me an A (really I would be okay with anything above a C) instead of reading it.... but I doubt that will happen .

5. I watched Rocky: and couldn't really understand why it was so popular. (or why there is like 6 of them).  I ended the movie with the philosophy that what happened to Rocky would never happen in real life.
But I do I have this new life long quest to reenact all the "classic" movie scenes.  ie. running up the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs.

6.I also watched part of Ben-Hur: but got bored half way through.... I'll have to rent it again, which I'm really not looking forward too.

7.  I did absolutely nothing today, besides watch Rocky and eat Pita Pit.
I love Pita Pit and I really wish more of my friends like it, I'm pretty sure my pre-Disney friends liked it.  but my post-Disney friends never want to go with me (and it's weird b/c I have the same friends).
oh, I also really wish Pita Pit had a punch card... I'm a sucker for punch cards.

8.  Which reminds me... I only have one more punch at Panchero before I get a free burrito.

9.  Steph and I played pool on Monday at TCB.  It was free and we were slightly tipsy so we decided it would be a good idea.  it wasn't.  Steph won both games (I'm convinced she cheated) and I knocked the ball of the table at least 3 times.

10. I have realized a few things about the miley concert set list mix I made.
- even though my computer tells me the mix is 56 mins long, I feel like I can go through the whole mix when I'm working out.  (it also takes me more time to read Newsweek then it takes me to listen to it, and I can read through Newsweek pretty quickly)
- there are a few songs I love: party in the usa, breakout, simple song
a few songs I'm starting to love: Bottom of the Ocean
a few songs I hate (or maybe just dislike): obsessed, Wake up America
but my feelings are indifferent for rest of the songs
- the song "When I look at You" doesn't play on my computer which means it probably won't play on the cd's I made for my sisters.  (sorry)
- Miley isn't really a great singer, but I'm still really excited for her concert on Friday

** I realize that these don't go in chronological order, but I'm to lazy to change it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Even though there was A LOT of things wrong with the last season of Nip/tuck
(ie Christian getting breast cancer and marrying Liz, liz no longer being a lesbian, the new anesthesiologist, and oh yeah Sean still being alive even though he should clearly be dead)

but I can look past all of these plot holes, because this new season looks pretty awesome

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Looks, The Brains, and The Wild Card

Allison just sent Steph and I a text asking "Ladies the perfect group combo is the brains, the looks, and the wild card. according to it's always sunny in Philly... which one of us in which category"

because we all live exciting lives the next ten minutes was devoted to figuring this out.  

originally, we all wanted to be "the looks" and then after some decision we all thought "the wild card" would be the best category.  (for some reason "the brains" wasn't really brought up... that probably says something about our society, but whatev)

after a heated debate, we decided that the obvious choices would be...
Steph was The Brains, b/c she is a biology major and is actually spending her Thursday night studying
Allison was The Looks, b/c everyone is in love with her
and I was The Wild Card, b/c i'm awesome.

Of course I ruined this decision by actually watching the clip

here is the clip.

(obviously) the grouping needed to be changed and after a five minute convo with Allison, we decided...
Steph was now The Looks, b/c quote "she is always just there" (and honestly who would really consider Steph the brain)
Allison was now The Wild Card, b/c she always comes up with ridiculous plans for the night. 
and I was the brains, b/c I'm the one who always find the need to talk about politics (plus I'm the decision maker)

... I know you all secretly wish your friends were as awesome as mine.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Toy Story!!

I'm pretty excited... actually beyond excited!!

Steph still has no idea that I'm going to drag her to it.