Wednesday, September 9, 2009

why change is a bad thing

steph gave me this brilliant idea the other day. which i know is crazy because she never has brilliant ideas, but this suggestion seemed pretty solid.
she claimed that the other day she parted her hair differently and had an amazing day.

being the good roommate i am i took her advice.
when i was getting ready i parted my hair towards the right instead of to the left.
(side note: the majority of presidents have parted their hair from left to right)

needless to say i didn't have a great day.
1 the book I needed to check out from the library was already checked out.
2. when I was laying outside the pentacrest a dog literally ran over me.
3. I broke my pants. (don't ask me how, but they are semi-fixed now)
4. in my nonprofit organization class.... the 3 guys sitting next to me were married. (not that this really matters, but when you are sitting in a 3 hour long class you really just need something to keep you entertained.... boys are an easy thing to keep you mind from paying attention to a boring lecture. yeah i know i'm lame)

but then again, when i got home Phineas and Ferb was on tv... which is awesome.
and i saw a commercial for snow white, which is coming out (again) in the fall.
so maybe the next 2 hours of the day will go smoothly.

for some reason i am going to go work out now... maybe i should avoid complicated looking equipment.


  1. you're funny.

    In the last sentence I read it as "I am going to go to work now." I almost gasped out loud but then I decided to read it again and I saw they you were just going to work out not go to work. Because if you were going to work, that would have been worthy of a gasp and I would have to call you right away to confirm because I would have had such disbelief.

  2. how did you break your pants?
    which pants?
    how did you fix them?

    were you ok after the dog ran over you?

    ...and how did you know that fun fact about presidents and their hair?