Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuff to Ponder

Kaci motivated me to write an entry about things I learned this week. (but in reality just various different articles i have read)

You Lie

A discussion on the now famous remark made by Rep. Joe Wilson, who interrupted President Obama speech on Health care, and how it has sparked way to much discussion/debate on various news outlets.

I found the above article on the NYtimes blog site and found it pretty hilarious and it proves the mass media has way to much time on their hands.

Sen. Chuck Grassley twitter

I like pretending that I am open to listening to both sides of the political spectrum and because of this I follow Grassley twitter (plus he is also from Iowa)

the main thing I have learned from his post is that you do not need good grammar to be in the senate. (I know I have bad grammar, but I still think mine is 10X better then his)

An example tweet: “Saw Ia U beat my school 17/16. UNI played best I proud of my team Pres Mason came up 22pts short of her prediction 4 victory. She good Prez”

Or “Remember victims of 9/11/01. God Bless and Comfort t o their family and friends. We must win War agst Terror. America/Stay Alert!!”

have the time I have no idea what he is talking about, and i even keep up with current events.

“Is your baby racist”

A shockingly good cover article written in Newsweek, that focuses on racism and your children.

It address the question of how old are you when you first start noticing the difference between race and what parents should do to make sure their children don't grow up to believe stereotypes about different races. (of course they don’t really give you a good solution, but they do you gave you small suggestions)

Plus they mention a study they did on 6 months old, that i am going to try on Graham (just a little heads up Kassie)

ISU is funny

we all know the Herky is an ugly mascot, but it doesn't matter because we have a better football team then you.

(plus i still haven't figured out how a cyclone can be a mascot)


  1. Do you think Senator Grassley writes his own tweets or has some intern do it?

    Also I see you read the better college newspaper.

  2. I started to read the racism article at the airport but John finished buying whatever he was buying before i could finish. The message I got was talk to your child about race. But that was just from the portion of the article i read.