Friday, September 25, 2009


why I love my roommate.

steph "Brian is going to be mad when he gets home, he hates when my mom does his laundry."
me "why"
steph "he thinks it de-mans him"
me "you mean it makes him feel less masculine?"
steph "no, it de-mans him"
me "basically, your brother feels like the Germans after they lost WWI"
steph "yeah, well if I understood what that meant."
me.... gives her a weird look
steph "What was WWI about again, I mean I know what WWII was about"
me... continues to give her weird looks
steph "wait. was WWI the bombing of Pearl Harbor? or was that WWII?"
me... immediately stands up and walks to my computer.

side note: steph has called me dumb at least 10 times today.