Sunday, September 13, 2009

my stupid little problem

because Kassie is an amazing sister she bought Kaci, Kinsey, and me tickets to see Miley/hannah montana!!!

which I am uber excited about.
but today when steph and I were at best buy (she wanted to buy a new camera... but that info really isn't needed) I was looking for the newest hannah montana soundtrack and I came across a big problem.

there seems to be 3 different new cds miley/hannah put put this year
- hannah montana movie soundtrack
- hannah Montana season 3
- miley cyrus new cd.

I'm going to have to do some intense google search to see what cd to buy (put of course in all reality I will probably just continue to listen to the hannah montana pandora station).


  1. you basically already know all the songs to hannah montana movie soundtrack - since you own the movie.

    i really like hannah montana season 3 album

    just go on stephanie's computer and illegally download lots of songs...