Thursday, September 10, 2009

more change.....

in addition to my previous post.  

i also realized i have more gray hair when i part my hair differently.... and now it has been driving me insane.   
insane being the idea that i now blame everything on being old. 
(not that 23 is old... but i assume that people realize i have gray hair and think i am older then what i really am because of it.)

so today when i was checking out "City Lights" from the library i felt this little girls judgmental eyes on me.
1) b/c i have gray hair
2) and i was renting a black and white Chaplin movie. 

anyway... i'm slowly realizing that this post is pointless and makes me seem a little shallow.   but i have just decided to die my hair (even though i have been reassured that i don't have gray hair... but i know my sisters know what i'm talking about).
and if i wanted everyone to think i was that superficial and shallow i would talk about the wrinkle i am getting on my forehead.. but since i'm a normal non-shallow person, i won't tell you about it.  


  1. i am shallow enough to talk about wrinkles.

  2. before I saw Kassie comment I was thinking "Kassie would definitely tell the world about her wrinkles and your wrinkles." Apparently Kassie agrees with that statement...

    It's time to dye your hair when your white/gray hairs show up in pictures. Your's are not yet to that point yet I promise, but they will be there in about two years. I also promise you that.