Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just read an article for my African American and the Media class.
It began with amazing points that I loved; exampling why we make stereotypes and how it is sometimes a good thing.
But then it ended by saying that as a result of stereotypes, African Americans are negatively portrayed in the media. (Which is true, but totally contradicted what the 1st half of the article talked about)

As a result I was in a conundrum….

I didn’t know how to write my reading response

Do I talk about how stereotypes are bad thing and you should view everyone as an individual.
Do I write about how you need to use stereotypes because it is impossible to make assumptions about every individual in the world?

I went with the second one, mostly because….
- Political science majors love stereotypes
- And I really didn’t want to admit to my professor that I think “judging” people is a bad thing.

(as a side note: I did accidently write judging in the paper a couple of times, but quickly changed it to “assumptions” “myths” or “stereotypes” )

… I also did add a couple of sentences about how I do think we portray African Americans negatively, but mostly about how stereotypes are a good thing.

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