Sunday, September 6, 2009

Iowa Football

normally I hate sports, but here are a list of reasons I love Hawkeye sporting events.

1. it is socially acceptable to drink before noon
2. it is also socially acceptable to be drunk before noon
3. it is okay that everyone is wearing the same thing.
4. BBQ food is the best
5. you can walk around with a case of beer, without being judged.
6. people wear clever shirts; like this, this and this.
7. watching someone get a PAULA is pretty hilarious.
8. it is okay to yell whatever you want and to act like a fool.
9. during the game you are encouraged to be overly happy one second and then extremely pissed off the next second.
10. you sometimes get free stuff, i got a bag yesterday
11. you can jaywalk and no one cares.
12. It is almost to easy to get a complete stranger to buy you drinks. i was able to convince a someone to buy kinsey, kinsey's roommates, steph, and me shots.
13. you can wear a t-shirt all day.
14. i also saw this newspaper headline today.... it seemed a little wrong, but yet another reason why i love hawkeye sports.


  1. sorry kaci i forget that you don't know these things.
    it's a "public intoxication under the legal age." hence the clever name PAULA.

  2. i think watching freshman puke in garbage cans in the stadium should be another point.

  3. did you know those people whose shirts you were taking photos of? because if they were complete strangers i love it even more.

    ...and i'm extremely sad i'm missing out on iowa football