Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yep. I'm a trendsetter

I'm slowly realizing that steph and allison secretly want to be like me (not that they would admit it, but i can tell)

allison has started both a blog and a twitter (@a__hughes) to be more like me.
A.Hughes did tell me the other day she only feels like she is venting to the sloss sisters, but I reassured her that it is okay and that we do enjoy hearing her vents.

and steph started a new blog today (in a week and she will have a twitter).
her justification for starting one was that she has lots of questions and no one to answer them. (of course I don't know if she realizes that she will just be asking this "questions" to sloss girls... but once again, I think that it's okay)
-I also can't promise steph will keep up with her blog, she likes to claim she has a life.

on a completely different note.... I don't like that facebook is now more like twitter with there @ thing.


  1. the sloss family are the only peoples I know who have a blog...but thanks for reading my vents

    but yes, ksloss I really just want to be like you (haha like the Jungle Book song)

  2. Where is stephanie's twitter? I'm waiting patiently for her to be convinced.

  3. Just to let everybody to know the sloss mom is slowly getting back to blogging, give me a couple o f weeks to get full force. love you all