Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hate unproducitve weekends

High Point- going to the mall to meet up with Steph's family (my weekend slightly revolved around her family)
Low Point- not showering
High Point- going out to eat with Steph's family (twice), watching Jenny gets her pictures done, working out,  and watching the game. ( I guess that seems productive when it's written out... but trust me it wasn't)
Low Point- staying in after watching the game
High Point- This post **
Low Point- sleeping all day, literally.

the best parts is that I have tons of homework due this week and haven't started any of it... oh the joy of being a college student.

** and talking to Kaci on gchat


  1. I'm slightly (actually really) disappointed our gchat conversation today was not the highlight of your day. No more me telling you exciting news.

  2. our gchat was a highlight... i just didn't want to make the other sisters jealous.
    but now that i know how important gchat is... i edited my post to include you.

  3. thank you for adding that. That made me feel special :)