Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grrr Newsweek

i know i have mentioned this multiple times, but Newsweek magazine drives me insane. (and Time is far superior)

1) i can read an entire Newsweek when I'm working out, and I'm definitely not one of those crazy people who spend 2 hours doing cardio. (and as a result of finishing the entire magazine after 45 minutes I had a lot of time to think ... hence this blog post)
2) the current main article is about "The Greenest Big Companies in America" and in the mist of the article they had at 9 pages of advertisment (last time I checked, it is more environmentally friendly to print less)
3) one of the other 4 articles that appeared on the cover was "Why Twitter is Stupid" and my immediate response was "it's because your twitter is stupid"
@newsweek has only 809,359 followers
@time has 1,541,590 followers. (this should be proof enough that Time is better)
I use to follow newsweek but they updated their twitter too much and they always posted like 5 things at once (which is really annoying.)
(the article was more about how twitter has become free entertainment and celebrity tweets... but the title angered me)

4) their website is blah.
5) they don't have a clever columnist like Joel Stein (and plus he actually likes twitter)
6) i hate their layout.

(i realize all these points are way to opinion based... especially 4-6, but I still think everyone should agree with me)


  1. I don't understand why they even print magazines when all of the content is online.

  2. I agree with Kassie. And...I'm more entitled to read People, and lots of other celebrity trash instead of Newsweek OR TIME. But if I must pick one....it's ALWAYS TIME. drr...

  3. nice new banner, youve 1-upped me for the moment...

  4. i think they print magazines for people have something to read when they work out... but i don't understand why newspapers are still printed.

    and anthony, if anything my blog is far superior then yours.