Thursday, September 24, 2009

growing up = yuck

I am slowly having a reality shock that I graduate in December and at that point I'll be considered a "real" adult and need to find a "real" job. blah.
As a result of spending my free time looking at Craigslist for a potential job, I have decided to put together a list of the careers I have wanted in the past 4 years.

1. as a freshmen I had the high hoops of someday becoming a doctor, but like all my friends I made in General Chemistry I changed my major to something that had nothing to do with math/chemistry/biology.

2. my first sign that political science would be a pointless major came when I told my freshmen advisor that I was changing my major. Her respnse was "so are going to major in education or journalism  as well?" my immediate response was no, but I signed up for an education class anyway and for one whole day I was on the education career track and I hated it.

3. During my sophmore year I spent all my free time volunteering for the Johnson County Democrats.  At that point I decided I wanted to be a campaign manager of course that dream only lasted until the next spring/fall when I turned "Campaign Manager" into a more specific career path.

4. I think it must have been my intense passion for the John Edwards campaign and being able to see how the media played such a major role in the campaign, when I decided I finally knew what I wanted to do... make campaign commercials.
I was on the fast track for this career choice. I took various different classes that taught me how campaign commercial were effective/ineffective and I sat in a class for a semester, full of cinema students (who all thought it was pointless I was in the class) to learn all about Final Cut Pro and how to operate various different cameras.
then Jan. 3 came and more importantly Jan 30 and I went into a semi-depression because my candidate dropped out. As a result of thinking the media was full of idiots, I stopped paying attention to the news and CNN became a channel I just skipped over.
At that moment that dream was dead.

5. Then I went to visit Kassie and decided I would spend my next semester at Disney.
Which in reality was stupid of me, why would a political science major ever want to spend an election semester in an area where she wouldn't be able to volunteer or "really" voice her opinion.
anyways, I spent 8 months working at Disney and went through the stage of hating it, loving it, hating it, and then finally really loving it.
my new life plan was to go back and get a professional internship and spend at least the next 2 years working for the mouse.

6. during my time at Disney I decided I wanted to do a mass communication minor, and thought journalism may be something interesting to do as a career choice.
that dream was very short lived once I realized I hated my journalism classes and the very unrealistic anti-blog/social meidia attitude a handful of my professors had.

7. The "Disney" dream was an ongoing dream until about late spring/early summer. When I realized that this life goal couldn't have come at a worse time.
At this time I decided I would just go to Grad school and continue to study something that didn't have a definite career path.
but in reality this plan would still take another year and I still need to find something to occupy my time for the next year.

now, my major life problem is trying to find a job when I graduate that actually relates to my major. of course, I'm slowly finding political science jobs are impossible to come by in the midwest. (I have even lowered my standards A LOT).

I also have the problem of dealing with 3 (most of the time amazing, but not right now) sisters telling me what I should do rest of my life.
my favorite come from Kassie. they normally included something ridiculous like working for a cruise or something more moderate like working for a bank or a Hy-vee. (yuck) I really should start compiling a list of potential jobs they have come up with and post them on a future date. (I'm sure if they see them all posted they will realize how ridiculous they are).


  1. you could apply for teaching positions in florida. then you could work for the "mouse" on weekends.

    You could work at Casey's in Perry.

    You could become a librarian.

    You could run for mayor.

    You could work for a republican's campaign.

  2. Hmmm...I'm not sure if I have suggested any jobs at this moment, but I could start since I see how important for you that I suggest some.

  3. ummm...
    my newest job i think you should get is... a field trip teacher... a classmates sibling has this job. they just go to different schools and take the students on field trips.

    i still think you should be a wedding planner :)