Monday, September 28, 2009

Germany v. Star Wars

I have slightly been living in this world where I find it completely necessary to compaire everything to Germany.  (and mostly germany post WWI and pre-WWII...)

my favorite comparison is Germany and Star Wars
a few examples:
- the  music
- the Nazi Army paramilitary forces were called "Stormtroopers"
- the rise of an evil chancellor
- the use of technology to bring down your enemies
- The idea that one master race will rule the world
- your clothing marks what side you are on.
etc etc etc.....

change of subject:
my biggest problem this week is I have to come up with an autobiography for a German born in 1910.  the  first installment is due on Wed (til age 25) and I'm having a hard time deciding if I want my character to be a Jew, Nazi, or political indifferent (which is not really indifferent since almost all Germans vote). 
and then the intense debate of what political class I want my individual to be from (and oh yeah the sex).
blah.... i hate when proffesors expect you to use the information you obtained in class to write something

conclusion: I would much rather write my paper about Nazi and Star Wars.

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