Monday, September 28, 2009

Crappy Fake Jew

i'm a crappy fake Jew.  today was Yom Kippur, which I have been told is like the Christmas and Easter of the Jewish religion, and I spent the day breaking all sort of Jewish Laws

1. I ate food today.... and there was definitely bacon in the soup I had.
2. I went out to eat today which means I spent money
3. I had a few drinks.  (so in broke the no spending money and drinking rule)
3.  I didn't go to one of the 5 pray services they had today, but I did go to my jewish religion class (which may give me a small + but probably only a really small +)
4. I took a shower
5. I put on some make up,  deodorant, and lotion
6. I may have wore leather shoes... well I'm pretty positive there was leather on my shoes, unless it was pleather. 

conclusion: being Jewish is way too hard.


  1. kelsey did you spend the day repenting at all? because that's basically what yom kippur is about, the day of atonement

    but it's ok you broke some laws, not everyone can be a perfect jew (let's be honest, i'm not -- shocker, i know).