Friday, September 25, 2009

AFI movie update

I realize that my movie watching skills have slightly gone down the drain lately, but here is an update on the movies I have seen in the past 2 weeks.

The last Picture Show
: movie made in the 70's about small town life in TX in the 50's. this movie gives you a realistic look into how teenagers spent their time when they have nothing else to do. (well if you can look past the plot where teenagers sleep with adults twice their age)

Platoon: typical war movie about Vietnam; killing, death, drugs, backstabbing, etc.

All About Eve: typical "Hollywood glam" movie; alcohol, awards, stardom, backstabbing, etc.
but i would still recommind it to anyone.

Annie Hall: I actually thought this movie was pretty funny, even with my preconceived notions about Woody Allen.

City Lights: This was my first silent picture and I didn't really know how to watch it. with normal movies you can do other "stuff" while watching them, with this you actually had to actively pay attention. the plot was slightly hilarious and had an interesting story line, but I probably wouldn't watch it again.
I appreciated it for its historic value, but I'll probably stick to films with dialogue when I finish the list. (there are a couple of other silent pictures on the list... I'll just have to make sure I'm in a "movie watching" mood when I rent them)

12 Angry Men: a movie about 12 jury members deciding the fate of a teenager accused of murder. The title gives away the basic concept of the movie.
predictable plot give away: beginning 11 against 1 and at the end it's 1 against 11.

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