Monday, September 7, 2009

50 out of 100!

I have officially finished 50 of the movies on the AFI top 100 list.  yeah go me!  
Steph tried convincing me that I'm slightly lame for wanting to watch all these movies, but if anything i think it's awesome and i can at least pretend i'm more "cultured" because of it.

here are the last 3 movies i have seen:

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: a movie about 2 college professors and their wives.  one couple consents of compulsive liars and the other is oblivious.  if anything this movie gave me up that if i ever become a college professor i can still get drunk when ever i want. 

Chinatown: a film noir made in the 80's.  so it was in black and white but used "adult-humor" that wouldn't have been in a real film noir picture.  it was okay, it had  a good plot change that i didn't see coming

The Philadelphia Story: i had really high hopes for this movie bc 1) it had James Stewart in it and 2) well really just because it had James Stewart in it.  
the plot revolved around a love triangle (well more like a love square), if it was a soap opera someone would have gotten pregnant and someone else would have died.  But since it wasn't the girl just had to make a personal, un-shocking, desicions about what guy she wanted. 
side note: this movie still made me love james stewart.  

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  1. i read the play who's afraid of virgina woolf? it was good.

    and even if you aren't a college professor you can get drunk whenever you want.

    no judgement here.