Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yet another reason to be a Democrat

I know I have mentioned this before but Chuck Grassley twitter really.... stinks.

I mean he is so bad that a LA Times blogger wrote about his awful twitter habits. 

I really hope that he isn’t paying someone to tweet these messages, but then again I really hope he isn’t tweeting them himself. 

I see this as a win/lose situation. 
Win: At least he is using twitter to reach out to his constituency,
Lose: his grammar skills are showing the world that Iowa is really full of idiots.

Seriously… he's the “government” he should know how to spell. 

Monday, September 28, 2009

Crappy Fake Jew

i'm a crappy fake Jew.  today was Yom Kippur, which I have been told is like the Christmas and Easter of the Jewish religion, and I spent the day breaking all sort of Jewish Laws

1. I ate food today.... and there was definitely bacon in the soup I had.
2. I went out to eat today which means I spent money
3. I had a few drinks.  (so in broke the no spending money and drinking rule)
3.  I didn't go to one of the 5 pray services they had today, but I did go to my jewish religion class (which may give me a small + but probably only a really small +)
4. I took a shower
5. I put on some make up,  deodorant, and lotion
6. I may have wore leather shoes... well I'm pretty positive there was leather on my shoes, unless it was pleather. 

conclusion: being Jewish is way too hard.

Germany v. Star Wars

I have slightly been living in this world where I find it completely necessary to compaire everything to Germany.  (and mostly germany post WWI and pre-WWII...)

my favorite comparison is Germany and Star Wars
a few examples:
- the  music
- the Nazi Army paramilitary forces were called "Stormtroopers"
- the rise of an evil chancellor
- the use of technology to bring down your enemies
- The idea that one master race will rule the world
- your clothing marks what side you are on.
etc etc etc.....

change of subject:
my biggest problem this week is I have to come up with an autobiography for a German born in 1910.  the  first installment is due on Wed (til age 25) and I'm having a hard time deciding if I want my character to be a Jew, Nazi, or political indifferent (which is not really indifferent since almost all Germans vote). 
and then the intense debate of what political class I want my individual to be from (and oh yeah the sex).
blah.... i hate when proffesors expect you to use the information you obtained in class to write something

conclusion: I would much rather write my paper about Nazi and Star Wars.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I hate unproducitve weekends

High Point- going to the mall to meet up with Steph's family (my weekend slightly revolved around her family)
Low Point- not showering
High Point- going out to eat with Steph's family (twice), watching Jenny gets her pictures done, working out,  and watching the game. ( I guess that seems productive when it's written out... but trust me it wasn't)
Low Point- staying in after watching the game
High Point- This post **
Low Point- sleeping all day, literally.

the best parts is that I have tons of homework due this week and haven't started any of it... oh the joy of being a college student.

** and talking to Kaci on gchat

Friday, September 25, 2009


why I love my roommate.

steph "Brian is going to be mad when he gets home, he hates when my mom does his laundry."
me "why"
steph "he thinks it de-mans him"
me "you mean it makes him feel less masculine?"
steph "no, it de-mans him"
me "basically, your brother feels like the Germans after they lost WWI"
steph "yeah, well if I understood what that meant."
me.... gives her a weird look
steph "What was WWI about again, I mean I know what WWII was about"
me... continues to give her weird looks
steph "wait. was WWI the bombing of Pearl Harbor? or was that WWII?"
me... immediately stands up and walks to my computer.

side note: steph has called me dumb at least 10 times today.

AFI movie update

I realize that my movie watching skills have slightly gone down the drain lately, but here is an update on the movies I have seen in the past 2 weeks.

The last Picture Show
: movie made in the 70's about small town life in TX in the 50's. this movie gives you a realistic look into how teenagers spent their time when they have nothing else to do. (well if you can look past the plot where teenagers sleep with adults twice their age)

Platoon: typical war movie about Vietnam; killing, death, drugs, backstabbing, etc.

All About Eve: typical "Hollywood glam" movie; alcohol, awards, stardom, backstabbing, etc.
but i would still recommind it to anyone.

Annie Hall: I actually thought this movie was pretty funny, even with my preconceived notions about Woody Allen.

City Lights: This was my first silent picture and I didn't really know how to watch it. with normal movies you can do other "stuff" while watching them, with this you actually had to actively pay attention. the plot was slightly hilarious and had an interesting story line, but I probably wouldn't watch it again.
I appreciated it for its historic value, but I'll probably stick to films with dialogue when I finish the list. (there are a couple of other silent pictures on the list... I'll just have to make sure I'm in a "movie watching" mood when I rent them)

12 Angry Men: a movie about 12 jury members deciding the fate of a teenager accused of murder. The title gives away the basic concept of the movie.
predictable plot give away: beginning 11 against 1 and at the end it's 1 against 11.

really miley? really?

A.Hughes latest blog post was about Miley Cyrus new music video Party in the USA.
I just watched the video and have never agreed with A.Hughes more then I do right now. (read her blog post here).

the video

my thoughts:
1) cowboy boots does not equal Stilettos or Kicks.
2) she isn't wearing a cardigan
3) she isn't in LA at all... I mean I have never been, but I would put money on that she couldn't see the Hollywood sign from were she was at.
4) I shouldn't be able to see your bra... you're like 16.
5) putting your hand on your head does not make you sexy... and once again you're like 16.
6) is the American flag really needed.

okay that was my vent about the music video (once again, Allison's vent was 10X better then mine and I'm really just going off her points)

side note: I still love miley and I can't wait to see her next month.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

growing up = yuck

I am slowly having a reality shock that I graduate in December and at that point I'll be considered a "real" adult and need to find a "real" job. blah.
As a result of spending my free time looking at Craigslist for a potential job, I have decided to put together a list of the careers I have wanted in the past 4 years.

1. as a freshmen I had the high hoops of someday becoming a doctor, but like all my friends I made in General Chemistry I changed my major to something that had nothing to do with math/chemistry/biology.

2. my first sign that political science would be a pointless major came when I told my freshmen advisor that I was changing my major. Her respnse was "so are going to major in education or journalism  as well?" my immediate response was no, but I signed up for an education class anyway and for one whole day I was on the education career track and I hated it.

3. During my sophmore year I spent all my free time volunteering for the Johnson County Democrats.  At that point I decided I wanted to be a campaign manager of course that dream only lasted until the next spring/fall when I turned "Campaign Manager" into a more specific career path.

4. I think it must have been my intense passion for the John Edwards campaign and being able to see how the media played such a major role in the campaign, when I decided I finally knew what I wanted to do... make campaign commercials.
I was on the fast track for this career choice. I took various different classes that taught me how campaign commercial were effective/ineffective and I sat in a class for a semester, full of cinema students (who all thought it was pointless I was in the class) to learn all about Final Cut Pro and how to operate various different cameras.
then Jan. 3 came and more importantly Jan 30 and I went into a semi-depression because my candidate dropped out. As a result of thinking the media was full of idiots, I stopped paying attention to the news and CNN became a channel I just skipped over.
At that moment that dream was dead.

5. Then I went to visit Kassie and decided I would spend my next semester at Disney.
Which in reality was stupid of me, why would a political science major ever want to spend an election semester in an area where she wouldn't be able to volunteer or "really" voice her opinion.
anyways, I spent 8 months working at Disney and went through the stage of hating it, loving it, hating it, and then finally really loving it.
my new life plan was to go back and get a professional internship and spend at least the next 2 years working for the mouse.

6. during my time at Disney I decided I wanted to do a mass communication minor, and thought journalism may be something interesting to do as a career choice.
that dream was very short lived once I realized I hated my journalism classes and the very unrealistic anti-blog/social meidia attitude a handful of my professors had.

7. The "Disney" dream was an ongoing dream until about late spring/early summer. When I realized that this life goal couldn't have come at a worse time.
At this time I decided I would just go to Grad school and continue to study something that didn't have a definite career path.
but in reality this plan would still take another year and I still need to find something to occupy my time for the next year.

now, my major life problem is trying to find a job when I graduate that actually relates to my major. of course, I'm slowly finding political science jobs are impossible to come by in the midwest. (I have even lowered my standards A LOT).

I also have the problem of dealing with 3 (most of the time amazing, but not right now) sisters telling me what I should do rest of my life.
my favorite come from Kassie. they normally included something ridiculous like working for a cruise or something more moderate like working for a bank or a Hy-vee. (yuck) I really should start compiling a list of potential jobs they have come up with and post them on a future date. (I'm sure if they see them all posted they will realize how ridiculous they are).

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

1949 Forrest Gump

my new found interest in movies has resulted in me spending hours looking for things that make fun of movies.
here is one of my new favorites... a time-warp movie trailer for Forrest Gump.

i love it for the obvious reasons. (jimmy stewart is in it and i have seen the majority of the movies)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grrr Newsweek

i know i have mentioned this multiple times, but Newsweek magazine drives me insane. (and Time is far superior)

1) i can read an entire Newsweek when I'm working out, and I'm definitely not one of those crazy people who spend 2 hours doing cardio. (and as a result of finishing the entire magazine after 45 minutes I had a lot of time to think ... hence this blog post)
2) the current main article is about "The Greenest Big Companies in America" and in the mist of the article they had at 9 pages of advertisment (last time I checked, it is more environmentally friendly to print less)
3) one of the other 4 articles that appeared on the cover was "Why Twitter is Stupid" and my immediate response was "it's because your twitter is stupid"
@newsweek has only 809,359 followers
@time has 1,541,590 followers. (this should be proof enough that Time is better)
I use to follow newsweek but they updated their twitter too much and they always posted like 5 things at once (which is really annoying.)
(the article was more about how twitter has become free entertainment and celebrity tweets... but the title angered me)

4) their website is blah.
5) they don't have a clever columnist like Joel Stein (and plus he actually likes twitter)
6) i hate their layout.

(i realize all these points are way to opinion based... especially 4-6, but I still think everyone should agree with me)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Thursday, September 17, 2009

seriously this never happens

I have had lots of political debates with lots of different people.  
normally they end very peacefully after both parties express their views and make a metal realization that the other person is crazy.  (everyone once in a while these debates will end in a yelling match... but normally alcohol is involved.)

but the one thing i know about having a political discussion with another person (whether they agree with you are not) is they are never like this.  

but then again... maybe i just don't like having civilized debates with people.  

History Channel and Comics

I love that the history channel can make anything interesting.  
i'm currently watching an episode about comic books.   Normally I wouldn't watch this, but they make comic seem so interesting and complex.  

for example....
they seriously just said "no one could have imaged september 11, unless they read comic book".... they have been going on a rant for 5 minutes about how terrorist attack and comic books relate.  (i'm loving this a little to much)

here is the last part of the special.  

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yep. I'm a trendsetter

I'm slowly realizing that steph and allison secretly want to be like me (not that they would admit it, but i can tell)

allison has started both a blog and a twitter (@a__hughes) to be more like me.
A.Hughes did tell me the other day she only feels like she is venting to the sloss sisters, but I reassured her that it is okay and that we do enjoy hearing her vents.

and steph started a new blog today (in a week and she will have a twitter).
her justification for starting one was that she has lots of questions and no one to answer them. (of course I don't know if she realizes that she will just be asking this "questions" to sloss girls... but once again, I think that it's okay)
-I also can't promise steph will keep up with her blog, she likes to claim she has a life.

on a completely different note.... I don't like that facebook is now more like twitter with there @ thing.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuff to Ponder

Kaci motivated me to write an entry about things I learned this week. (but in reality just various different articles i have read)

You Lie

A discussion on the now famous remark made by Rep. Joe Wilson, who interrupted President Obama speech on Health care, and how it has sparked way to much discussion/debate on various news outlets.

I found the above article on the NYtimes blog site and found it pretty hilarious and it proves the mass media has way to much time on their hands.

Sen. Chuck Grassley twitter

I like pretending that I am open to listening to both sides of the political spectrum and because of this I follow Grassley twitter (plus he is also from Iowa)

the main thing I have learned from his post is that you do not need good grammar to be in the senate. (I know I have bad grammar, but I still think mine is 10X better then his)

An example tweet: “Saw Ia U beat my school 17/16. UNI played best I proud of my team Pres Mason came up 22pts short of her prediction 4 victory. She good Prez”

Or “Remember victims of 9/11/01. God Bless and Comfort t o their family and friends. We must win War agst Terror. America/Stay Alert!!”

have the time I have no idea what he is talking about, and i even keep up with current events.

“Is your baby racist”

A shockingly good cover article written in Newsweek, that focuses on racism and your children.

It address the question of how old are you when you first start noticing the difference between race and what parents should do to make sure their children don't grow up to believe stereotypes about different races. (of course they don’t really give you a good solution, but they do you gave you small suggestions)

Plus they mention a study they did on 6 months old, that i am going to try on Graham (just a little heads up Kassie)

ISU is funny

we all know the Herky is an ugly mascot, but it doesn't matter because we have a better football team then you.

(plus i still haven't figured out how a cyclone can be a mascot)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

my stupid little problem

because Kassie is an amazing sister she bought Kaci, Kinsey, and me tickets to see Miley/hannah montana!!!

which I am uber excited about.
but today when steph and I were at best buy (she wanted to buy a new camera... but that info really isn't needed) I was looking for the newest hannah montana soundtrack and I came across a big problem.

there seems to be 3 different new cds miley/hannah put put this year
- hannah montana movie soundtrack
- hannah Montana season 3
- miley cyrus new cd.

I'm going to have to do some intense google search to see what cd to buy (put of course in all reality I will probably just continue to listen to the hannah montana pandora station).

Thursday, September 10, 2009

more change.....

in addition to my previous post.  

i also realized i have more gray hair when i part my hair differently.... and now it has been driving me insane.   
insane being the idea that i now blame everything on being old. 
(not that 23 is old... but i assume that people realize i have gray hair and think i am older then what i really am because of it.)

so today when i was checking out "City Lights" from the library i felt this little girls judgmental eyes on me.
1) b/c i have gray hair
2) and i was renting a black and white Chaplin movie. 

anyway... i'm slowly realizing that this post is pointless and makes me seem a little shallow.   but i have just decided to die my hair (even though i have been reassured that i don't have gray hair... but i know my sisters know what i'm talking about).
and if i wanted everyone to think i was that superficial and shallow i would talk about the wrinkle i am getting on my forehead.. but since i'm a normal non-shallow person, i won't tell you about it.  

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

why change is a bad thing

steph gave me this brilliant idea the other day. which i know is crazy because she never has brilliant ideas, but this suggestion seemed pretty solid.
she claimed that the other day she parted her hair differently and had an amazing day.

being the good roommate i am i took her advice.
when i was getting ready i parted my hair towards the right instead of to the left.
(side note: the majority of presidents have parted their hair from left to right)

needless to say i didn't have a great day.
1 the book I needed to check out from the library was already checked out.
2. when I was laying outside the pentacrest a dog literally ran over me.
3. I broke my pants. (don't ask me how, but they are semi-fixed now)
4. in my nonprofit organization class.... the 3 guys sitting next to me were married. (not that this really matters, but when you are sitting in a 3 hour long class you really just need something to keep you entertained.... boys are an easy thing to keep you mind from paying attention to a boring lecture. yeah i know i'm lame)

but then again, when i got home Phineas and Ferb was on tv... which is awesome.
and i saw a commercial for snow white, which is coming out (again) in the fall.
so maybe the next 2 hours of the day will go smoothly.

for some reason i am going to go work out now... maybe i should avoid complicated looking equipment.

Monday, September 7, 2009

50 out of 100!

I have officially finished 50 of the movies on the AFI top 100 list.  yeah go me!  
Steph tried convincing me that I'm slightly lame for wanting to watch all these movies, but if anything i think it's awesome and i can at least pretend i'm more "cultured" because of it.

here are the last 3 movies i have seen:

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf: a movie about 2 college professors and their wives.  one couple consents of compulsive liars and the other is oblivious.  if anything this movie gave me up that if i ever become a college professor i can still get drunk when ever i want. 

Chinatown: a film noir made in the 80's.  so it was in black and white but used "adult-humor" that wouldn't have been in a real film noir picture.  it was okay, it had  a good plot change that i didn't see coming

The Philadelphia Story: i had really high hopes for this movie bc 1) it had James Stewart in it and 2) well really just because it had James Stewart in it.  
the plot revolved around a love triangle (well more like a love square), if it was a soap opera someone would have gotten pregnant and someone else would have died.  But since it wasn't the girl just had to make a personal, un-shocking, desicions about what guy she wanted. 
side note: this movie still made me love james stewart.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Iowa Football

normally I hate sports, but here are a list of reasons I love Hawkeye sporting events.

1. it is socially acceptable to drink before noon
2. it is also socially acceptable to be drunk before noon
3. it is okay that everyone is wearing the same thing.
4. BBQ food is the best
5. you can walk around with a case of beer, without being judged.
6. people wear clever shirts; like this, this and this.
7. watching someone get a PAULA is pretty hilarious.
8. it is okay to yell whatever you want and to act like a fool.
9. during the game you are encouraged to be overly happy one second and then extremely pissed off the next second.
10. you sometimes get free stuff, i got a bag yesterday
11. you can jaywalk and no one cares.
12. It is almost to easy to get a complete stranger to buy you drinks. i was able to convince a someone to buy kinsey, kinsey's roommates, steph, and me shots.
13. you can wear a t-shirt all day.
14. i also saw this newspaper headline today.... it seemed a little wrong, but yet another reason why i love hawkeye sports.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Raging Bull

I have been slightly bad at keeping up on my AFI movie list since I have come back to Iowa City. (When I say "slightly" I mean I haven't watched any)

but tonight Stephanie and I watched Raging Bull.  
It has been sitting in my apt for about a week and it took us ten minutes to figure out how to work the dvd player (apparently there is a button you have to push on the side of the TV... weird)

considering it is number 4 on the list, I was expecting it to be something amazing.  (I also thought it was either a movie about the mob or a western... but it turned out to be about boxing)

I didn't like the movie.  I definitely wouldn't recommend it. but then again I have never been a fan of boxing. 
my only thoughts: this movie should not have been in the top 10.  

... I beginning to seriously question these AFI people. 

side note: I am now done with 1-10!  go me!  
I don't think they have City Lights or The General at the library so it may be a little harder for me to get 1-20 done.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just read an article for my African American and the Media class.
It began with amazing points that I loved; exampling why we make stereotypes and how it is sometimes a good thing.
But then it ended by saying that as a result of stereotypes, African Americans are negatively portrayed in the media. (Which is true, but totally contradicted what the 1st half of the article talked about)

As a result I was in a conundrum….

I didn’t know how to write my reading response

Do I talk about how stereotypes are bad thing and you should view everyone as an individual.
Do I write about how you need to use stereotypes because it is impossible to make assumptions about every individual in the world?

I went with the second one, mostly because….
- Political science majors love stereotypes
- And I really didn’t want to admit to my professor that I think “judging” people is a bad thing.

(as a side note: I did accidently write judging in the paper a couple of times, but quickly changed it to “assumptions” “myths” or “stereotypes” )

… I also did add a couple of sentences about how I do think we portray African Americans negatively, but mostly about how stereotypes are a good thing.


just listened to the song What's My Age Again by blink 182 and it made me giggle. 

... I'm pretty sure it doesn't relate to my life at all, but did fully enjoy it because it mentions being 23.  

conclusion: yeah for being old