Saturday, August 1, 2009

Yet Another Harrison Ford Movie

After finishing the Star Wars saga I decided I should devote rest of my summer to watching movies that I have never seen, but for some reason people obsess over them.
I have decided to stick to the trend of Harrison Ford and George Lucas movies and I will now dedicate the next couple of days of my life to watching Indian Jones.

After looking at the cover of the DVD I was hesitant to rent them, but then the description mentioned something about Nazis and once again my obsession with WWII has influenced me to rent something I normally would have avoided.

(You all should just make a mental note that I am now official bored and I am slowly hoping watching movies that seem to come in sets of three will make the next couple of weeks go by faster.)

and in blog fashion I will keep you updated.


  1. you can take a week off from those movies because i dont want to watch them :)

  2. I think this blog post is a little misleading. You make it sound like you came up with the idea to continue the Harrison Ford, when in fact it was not your idea at all, but TDM's idea.

  3. i am shocked you already have two comments. I guess if you complain to Kaci and Kinsey about not posting on blogs, I'm no longer hte only person who posts comments on your blogs. I feel less important now.

  4. I think it is pretty much lame (not awesome) that no one has posted hate comments.

  5. Kaci- I didn’t know how to include that in my blog. Do I say a friend or my sister’s friend. (Big internal debate… it was easier just to take the credit). But you are right it was TDM’s idea.
    Kassie- remember the time you called my blog lame… this is totally pay back.
    Kinsey- I was thinking we might watch the Godfather.