Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Week In The Life Of Kelsey

1. had sushi for the first time.... it was interesting
2. went to 5 different bars with Steph on our birthday, where she was only ID at 2 of them.  
3. went to my first class of the semester hungover (i didn't really get to apperciate the idea that it was my last first day of class ever.. but whatev)
4. had my first class at the fieldhouse
5. dropped my first class at the fieldhouse... the teacher asked me why and my response was "i just don't want to take it"  her response was "well what are you going to do"  my response "not take your class" her response "well that is just to bad, relaxercise is really good for you"
6. realized i love history classes (about 4 years to late)
7. went on a min-bar crawl with allison on thursday.
8. realized Glenn Live still plays at BoJames on thursday and got really excited. 
9.  Didn't go to class on friday... not because i skipped it, but bc i don't have class (i love being a senior)
10. picked up Monique from the airport. 
11.  started drinking a little to early
12.  took a million photos. 
13. had a disney-ish adventure with Monique
14. woke up the next day hungover and watched Disney Channel from 1-8
15. went out to eat and got Nachos.... really bad nachos
16.  went out again and drank too much again
17. took a million more photos
18.  had my left over nachos at 5:30 am (they weren't very good the second time)
19.  had a "what the hell happened last night" conversation with Monique, allison, and Steph while laying in my bed.  
20. went out to eat at texas roadhouse with a bunch of random people. 

i realize i kind of skipped over the "normal" days of the week, but those are never really that interesting. 


  1. kelsey your week was amazing!!
    especially the parts i got to experience with you.

    however i'm hella jealous about texas roadhouse.