Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ridiculous Sports Tradition

I never really understand how one person can be so obsessed with one sporting team or event. And I definitely don’t understand how one person can cover their house/car/wardrobe with one team’s colors.
It all seems a little crazy and unneeded to me.

Because of this I never really follow sports. I do enjoy the occasional sporting events and I did show my Iowa pride when I encountered another Hawkeye fan when I worked at Disney.
But I never really cared if one team wins or another team loses.

Obviously I don’t follow football and as a result I had no idea what media day was.

But over the past couples of days I have slowly learned, what amazing events actually take place.

Kinsey first showed me a photo of the Iowa offensive lines doing a jumping photo, and at that moment I became an Iowa fan for life (sure I was shown this photo yesterday and I do already consider myself an Iowa fan, but that’s just technicality).
My only and first thought was “that was awesome”

Then today Kinsey showed me this photo.

After I realized that the definition of media day is “taking a bunch of ridiculous themed posed photos” I decided that some day I want my child to play college football for the sole reason that they can take ridiculous themed photos that people will actually want to publish and buy.


  1. i saw the jumping photo and thought of you.

  2. HAHA
    I want your child to play college football too. That would be amazing!