Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Reason I hate the first week of school.

Almost every professor makes you go around and state your name, major, year, why are you taking this class, and some even ask a stupid question like… what did you do this summer, or what’s your favorite  (fill in the blank)

as if they really care about the answer to any of these questions.  I know I’m not going to remember the person next to me the next class period (and if they remembered me I would be freaked out.)

I hate hate hate the question “why are you taking this class” or “what do you want to learn”

Um…. When I take a class called Germany since 1914 or African Americans and the Media, the title of the class usually provide the answers.

I will never understand why professors feel the need to read through the syllabus…. I’m not an idiot I can read it by myself.

That there is always one student in every class who feels the need to ask “are these notes going to be on ICON?” 

Lets think you are in a upper level “social science” class…. What do you think the answer is? 

Just take notes it is not that hard.

People are just way to happy the first week of school

The gym is way to busy

The campus is just way to crowded…. I took me forever to walk to papa john business building the other day.  I like it better when people give up on school and just stop going to class.

….. that may be all for now.  

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  1. at drake, we never went around the room and introduced ourselves.