Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My main problem with movies…

Yesterday I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, overall I liked it (…but then again I am a fan of westerns.) But that isn’t the point of this post.

As soon as we were introduced to the character Etta, I couldn’t get past how much she looked like a women from the late 1970’s wearing “western” attire just for fun.
My main problem was that her hair style looked as exactly the same as it did in the graduate.
Normally I would have overlooked this, but she was also wearing eye liner and mascara…. She practically screamed “I have no desire to be historically accurate, b/c obviously women in the late 1900’s wore eyeliner.”

Robert Redford (Sundance) also had a mustache and I’m pretty sure John Wayne never had a mustache.

I’m just not a big fan of when a movie is trying to represent a certain period and the actor’s looks like they are from another time period.

Other perfectly good example:

Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom

Big puffy hair… A trend in the 80’s not the 30’s (i googled "women 1935 hairstyle")

Cleopatra… didn’t have bangs. But bangs were a new popular trend when movies about Cleopatra started to appear, so magically Cleopatra got bangs.

(The actress who played Cleopatra in 1934, Claudette Colbert, wore bangs because of a personal fondness for them, in the 1960 remake Elizabeth Taylor wore them because they were in style at the time.)

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  1. Do you know how upset I was when Chamber of Secrets came out and they made Hermione's hair look good? It's supposed to be frizzy (it almost is in the first movie). But from the second movie on she had to be pretty and a teen star. I could live without the big teeth. But her transformation in Goblet (when she actually put product in her hair) for the Yule Ball was not that dramatic in the movie. It was like, "Oh. That's a nice dress." But she'd always been too pretty for Ron not to notice how pretty she was. Anyway... I had no idea about the Cleopatra thing. And to think of all those silly drag queens with those Cleopatra wigs... If they only knew... Oh well. Elizabeth Taylor was fabulous. She would have been fabulous with or without bangs.