Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movie Update

Citizen Kane: it was good, but I don’t know if I would consider it the “greatest movie ever.”

On The Waterfront: typical “good guy spent his whole life being part of the mob and decided to turn good after his friend is killed and he falls in love with his sister” movie.
Overall I liked it and I would probably watch it again… especially for the parts that revolved around the priest motivating a group of individuals to stand up against the mob boss “Mr. Friendly” (it was pretty hilarious… in a very 1950’s drama sort of way)

Vertigo: it took me an hour to get passed the fact that Jimmy Stewart was in the movie and that it’s plot was completely different then It’s a Wonderful Life (my all time favorite movie). As a result this made it really hard for me to watch the last 30 minutes and I spent the whole time wishing Jimmy Stewart would stop being crazy (really just wishing they had a different actor).
I did end up really liking how the movie concluded. (and more importantly I still believe George Bailey is a good guy)

Sunset Boulevard: this movie reminded me Singin’ in The Rain if you took away the musical numbers and changed the old silent movie star to a 50 year old has-been.
Once again I liked the ending… I’m beginning to notice a trend in how these “old” movies end.

I also rented Psycho, the Grapes of Wrath, and All About Eve


  1. the redbox isn't working for you anymore? Your movie budget has increased.

  2. Actually I have been going to the library and renting them. (yep. I’m smart)

  3. I love It's a Wonderful Life and Singin in the Rain. I haven't seen Vertigo yet but Rear Window is pretty freaky. I love Jimmy Stewart. OMG have you seen Bell, Book, and Candle? I don't think it's on your list but you should check it out anyway. I believe it was in 1958 or so. It's black and white. Anyway, it's amazing. This all makes me want to take a film class even more...