Wednesday, August 12, 2009


4 hours ago my dad turned on IPTV because he thought I needed to learn about Iowa 6 v. 6 women’s basketball. To please him I watched the episode and because I’m lazy I continued to watch the 5 programs that followed.

Here is what I have learned
1. I really wish I was born in the 1920’s, lived in a small town, and could play basketball. Apparently Iowa was one of the only states that allowed women to play basketball and if you made it to the state championships you were treated like a celebrity. (I also learned that before Title IX, 6 v. 6 basketball was only played in small town… some thing I would have guessed, but I really had no idea how popular the sport was before 1980.)

2. Twitter and facebook or rivals
3. There is a cocktail championship that takes place every year. (I’m on a new quest to go to it… I imagine they give out free samples)

4. I forgot how entertaining it is to watch one individual try to do extraordinary things, epically when it involves nature.
(things I learned from these shows)
-a human can only dive in water so far before their body will start to be crushed.
- Squids only come out during the night. Normally they hang out near the bottom of the ocean, but during the night they come closer to the surface.
-falcons don’t actually fly; they glide with the help of hot air pockets in the air.

5. pbs news really likes talking about twitter
6. They play the same commercials between each program: Celine Dion concert, Iowa State fair, “I support public television”, National Parks, and some commercial about their 3 other channels. 7. The same guy also does all the IPTV voice-overs
8. BBC is funny

9. smart people like laughing at their own jokes, jokes that normal people don’t get. (which is probably why their program is on at midnight)
..... wait these so called “smart people” aren’t all that smart. I understand what they are talking about. (maybe their jokes are funny)

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  1. imagine how much you could learn if mom and dad had cable.