Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indiana Jones.

After watching the Raiders of the Lost Ark my only response was “What the hell just happened?”  Mostly because I really had no idea what to expect before watching these movies I honestly thought the plot was going to have a very “western feel” about them…
you know a movie where there is a damsel in distress, gun fire that seems to magically miss the main characters, multiple bar fights, and a typical battle of good guy v. bad guy.

Even though the movies did end up containing all of the above factors, my main problem was the very unbelievable plot lines… it was like watching a non-mummified Mummy movie.
the plots had great potential, they all all seemed to start of normal-ish, but then you would get to the climax of the movie and all of a sudden lighting is shooting out of the sky, random ghost are flying around, stones start glowing, people become possessed, and you have a 3,000 year old men guarding the holy grail.

If you can get passed all the crazy stuff and the minor historical inaccuracy I would recommend The Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. (I actually fully enjoyed Last Crusade it reminded me of the Mummy Returns and the Da Vinci Code combined.)      And plus the plot also seemed to be more put together then the other ones.
The Lost Ark was decent…. And the times when the plot got a little ridiculous I could just appreciate young Harrison Ford.

I would completely avoid watching the Temple of Doom. The main lady and the little boy in the movie were very annoying and the plot just seemed ridiculous.  It was also suppose to act like a prequel to the first movie…which means it included no Nazis and more importantly it did not included any added character developments. (I could have completely looked past all that but Harrison Ford wasn’t all that good looking in this movie.)


  1. how have u not seen these classic movies yet?...

  2. I love Indiana Jones. But I agree... avoid watching ToD (it freaks me out). The only reason I watch Temple of Doom is to see Indy when his shirt gets all torn up. Ah... young Harrison Ford. I like Last Crusade the best (it's his relationship with his father that interests me most). Raiders was good. Very classic Indy. I was never really interested in his female companions. I did think it was kind of cool that one of them turned up later in Crystal Skull. But that movie was far too predictable. The action was great. And the effects and stunts were cool. But I knew exactly what was going to happen not twenty minutes into the movie. And I couldn't stand Shia LeBoef. I'd watch that kid from ToD over him anyday.