Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Graduate

Taught me two things

1) Being persistent pays off:
-Mrs. Robinson was able to convince Benjamin Braddock that it was okay to sleep with her multiple times.
- Benjamin was able to convince Elaine to marry him (well at least not marry Brian Avery) after multiple conversations.

2) It is okay to play mind games with people to get what you want (very closely tied to point 1)
- Mrs. Robinson tricked Benjamin into believing it was okay to sleep with him
- Benjamin was able to trick Elaine into believing that they should get married (even though they only went on one date and he slept with her mother multiple times.)

Conclusion: the movie was awesome.


  1. I think you've been wathcing too many movies.

  2. are you now going to be persistent and play mind games ksloss?

  3. I need to watch this movie. Maybe we could try to coordinate. Watch them around the same time and then talk about them? Our own little movie club.