Monday, August 3, 2009


Under the instruction of TDM (aka Derek) I watched the first Godfather movie and my concluding thoughts are it was amazing.
Normally I would have been bored with a 3 hour movie about the Mob, but I ended up enjoying the majority of it and can’t wait to watch the next one.

I really have no profound thoughts about the movie expect that I really just want to marry into the Mob now…

Side note: I also ended up renting the Manchurian Candidate and The Graduate


  1. i also enjoyed the godfather :) probably because it dealt with italy and italians

  2. I did not like the Godfather. It bored me to tears. I was forced to watch all three for an English class when I was in high school (in one weekend). Perhaps it was just the wrong time for me to spend (what? nine hours?) on mob movies. I did enjoy the Sopranos immensely, though. I could totally do a Sopranos marathon. But I only got to see part of the first season. That was for my college senior seminar in Christianity. Yeah. Go figure. Anyway... because you said the Godfather is amazing I am thinking about giving it another shot.