Thursday, August 6, 2009

Driving Range

Yet another reason I rock at life (and more importantly why Kinsey doesn’t!)

Yesterday, we went to the driving range with TJ and I totally kicked Kinsey’s butt at golfing…. I would say my average was at least 110 yards (give or take 30) and Kinsey’s average was about 50 yards (giver or take 30).

Taking into account that I have never been golfing before, I can only come to the conclusion that after going another 100 times (give or take 90) I could go pro.

Also. I learned that some people (mostly old) stretch before they golf and you can also buy really cool golfing shoes … I guess maybe it is a legitimate sport. (but then again I’m usually wrong about these sort of things)


  1. We are about the same at the driving range. It might have been beginners luck.

  2. I like that photo, it's very creative