Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday Month

Today I received a birthday card from one of my mom’s aunts and when I realized that this was the only birthday thing I received all month, I got kind of sad.

Normally I am slightly spoiled when it comes to my birthday. Growing up, I justified it by saying that my birthday always ran into the first week of school and my presents were always overshadowed my back to school shopping.
So it makes since that a birthday that would fall on Aug 23, would have to be celebrated on more then that one day… so why not a month.

Last year I was spoiled once again with my birthday because my sisters came to visit me at the beginning of august and I also wore the “happy birthday” Disney pin all month long.

At the time this was just a normal tradition for the Sloss family, even though every one always hated the “Kelsey gets a birthday month” thing, but they still celebrated it.

If I would have realized that my 22nd birthday would have been my last birthday-month birthday I would have appreciated it more.

Realizing that my birthday may be like everybody elses, I told my mom, she was in shock and told me she forgot I got birthday months and that the 5 dollars she gave me earlier that day was an early bday present. (I didn’t really buy that lie, but was okay with the idea of having 5 extra guilt free dollars.)

Another sad moment came today when I was texting steph, she told me she was eating part of her second birthday cake she has received this month.
-We have the same birthday and I haven’t had a single piece of cake in ages. (But I also made a point of thinking… that I did get 3 bday cakes last year and a cupcake).

I figured it would be my responsibility to inform everyone that it looks like I’m no longer important enough to celebrate my birthday all month long, and will have to stick to celebrating it in a normal time period like normal adults.

…Growing up stinks.


  1. Wow I haven't even sent you a card.

  2. i did send you a card with 25 in it when i remenber it, but you have to remenber I have been sick love you mom