Thursday, August 20, 2009

3 movies and not one stared Harrison Ford. I’m shocked.

Dr. Strangelove: A what-if movie about communist, Russia, Dooms Day bombs, and the end of the world. Probably would have been more interesting if I lived through the “red scare”

The Searchers: Cowboys v. Indians. Hint: John Wayne wins. And who doesn’t love predictable westerns.

Double Indemnity: a “film noir” movie.
A movie that felt the need to actually define it as a Film Noir on the back cover.

Side Note:
I’m going back to Iowa City tomorrow, which means...

1. I may actually have a social life. (Correction: a social life with people my own age)
2. I will have less time to watch movies (well really the same amount of time, but I imagine it will be hard to convince my roommate to watch a black and white movie with me every night… she suggested I make a new friend, a friend who has nothing better to do then watch movies. Suggestions?)

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