Monday, July 27, 2009

Yep. I got my free pocket sized Constitution… did you?

I went into Motor Parts today to get my free copy of the US Constitution that was promised in our local newspaper.

I asked “Bob” why a business would need to give away free copies of the constitution and what he getting out of it.
He explained to me that we live in the most powerful and greatest country in the world and that is all being taking away because the politicians in this country no longer follow what was written in our constitution.
Obviously I had a problem with the majority of the things he expressed, but me being personally afraid that he was one of those crazy right-wing nut jobs I decided to keep my mouth shut. (You know the ones who believe the founding father wanted America to be a Christian nation and how our politicians should consult god before doing anything…. and plus I was also afraid he was a member of the NRA and kept a gun in his glove department).

He then elaborates and begins talking about how all politicians are corrupted and if they just re-read the constitution the country would be run more smoothly. (Which once again is a complete lie... but at this point I’m thinking I don’t really care what he thinks.)
My father then tells him I’m a political science major and I just like “talking” about this stuff.
Bob asks me where I go and what I want to do with my degree.
I tell him I go to Iowa (and he gets one of those looks… like yuck, I’m an iowa state fan) and then I tell him that right now I am leaning towards working for a political campaign.
And of all of a sudden he had no desire to talk to us anymore … I had an internal debate if it was because I go to a liberal college or because I’m a poli sci major.

Of course when we leave he reminds me that all politics is corrupted (he even says something about little league) and to help with this I should promise to read the constitution and to tell my friends to read it.

To wrap up this little blog post. You all should read the constitution… even though I am positive that the majority of people out there who will read this blog have read the constitution at least once in school. So I guess you all need to re-read the constitution. If anything do it to make a crazy small town business owner happy. (and it would be great if you could read it in some corrupt way… like maybe only listen to the original parts, you know the parts that say slavery is okay and how suffrage is a bad idea)

(Side note: The pocket version of the constitution is pretty cool. I actually really wish I had it when I was taking classes that related to constitutional politics. )

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  1. good job! i'm impressed you asked Bob why he's giving away free constitutions.

    my question...if you feel up to asking Bob for where is he getting this bulk supply of pocket size constitutions? what kind of connections does he have? i'm impressed with Bob.

    p.s. i read the other blog before reading this one but i'm glad that we're now officially cool together =)