Monday, July 27, 2009

Star Wars

I have never actually sat down and watched any of the star wars movies and the only thing I know about star wars is what you need to know to understand pop culture jokes.
I have recently decided that watching all 6 star wars movies is something you should do before you die… so this week I have decided it is my goal to finish them
(I was also a little influenced when my uncle gave me the original 3 on vhs).
So I have officially watched The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and The Revenge of the Sith.

Some things I have come to realize about the star wars saga is.
1. There is just one generic star wars song.
2. the first two movies really have no dialogue (the third episode was by far the best of the first 3, mostly b/c people actually talked.)
3. The video games to the movies would be way cooler then the actual movies.
4. I am impressed with people who know so much about the characters and places, they all seem to have weird names. (but I do really like the name Anakin… but hate that if I ever met anybody by that name I would immediately judge his parents.)
5. I do like how we are told how Anakin becomes evil… but I am left to wonder if they explain all of this in the original Star Wars movie.
6. Lightsabers are pretty cool.
7. each time someone’s space ship (thing) is hit and the person just loses control (but you don’t see them die) I wonder how long they float in space before they just die… and then what happens to all that wreckage from the planes. (b/c that would be a crappy job to clean that up.. )
8. I still don’t understand how you become a Jedi… the whole time I was just comparing it to how Harry Potter becomes a wizard (I compared the two movies a lot. they kept on calling Anakin the chosen one… what was I suppose to think)
9. I am sure George Lucas got the plot for Star Wars from some political belief that politicians have too much power or not enough power… but I haven’t figured out what side he wants his viewers to be on.

And it is safe to say that I am more confused about the plot of the Star Wars saga now then I was before I started watching them.


  1. HAHA!! #8. Harry Potter!!
    ksloss you make me laugh I love it.

    ...and you made me curious too so here you go.
    hope it kinda helps? i don't know.

  2. light 'saber'...sorry, couldnt let that one slide lol

  3. darnit.. i'll change that. but thanks for correcting me and making yourself look slightly like a dork at the same time.

  4. wow two people already commented on this one.

  5. kassie, that is what you get when you call my blog lame. :)