Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Star wars: A New Hope


- episode 1-3 should never had been made. If someone wants to know the back ground of Dark Vadar they should just google it.

- the fighting in this movie wasn’t all that great. I currently wouldn’t want to buy the video game… but then again I know that in 1977 the graphics for this movie was years ahead of its times.

- when do we find out that Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are twins… b/c each time she kissed him on the check I was slightly freaked out. (I realized quickly that I should have watched the original movies before watching the “new” ones)

- There was like no lightsaber action in this movie. And I’m convinced that Darth Vader and Obi-Wan should have had a way more intense fighting scene then the one that actually took place. (Once again the down fall of watching 3 movies that was controlled by fighting and no dialogue)

- I don’t understand how Luke Skywalker can come and save the day when he really has had no experience in fighting.

- This whole idea of the force… seems just stupid to me. They don’t explain how it works or why it is important in this movie.

- Darth Vader doesn’t seem that evil to me… I have intense expectations for the next two movies.

- I was shocked that there was actual dialogue in this movie

- the movies ends with out answering any of my questions and without explaining anything about who the main characters are.

- George Lucas is probably the devil and I’m convinced that Harrison Ford must have sold his soul to him.

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