Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Return of The Jedi

I have just finished the last Star Wars movie (well, as in the 6 movies. I have been told there are other movies and books…. Which I find just crazy)
And I had my normal criticism for this movie
- when things crash they blow up way to easily
- the music is the same
- the fighting was mediocre.

But then the movie ended and I think I sold part of my soul to George Lucas (once again I’m convinced he is the devil) because I gave into this whole idea of the force and realized how awesome Star Wars actually is.

I think I really just bought into the idea that Darth Vader was always good and just went over to the dark side because he was power hungry and thought the only way to be happy was to be the most powerful person ever.
I probably just think this because Machiavellian ethics is my favorite (well when considering the generic list of ethics) and I think it is completely okay to do whatever necessary to get to the top. For Darth Vader to get to the top he just needed to kill a large amount of individuals (and honestly… he really didn’t have anything else to live for)

So even though I didn’t really enjoy any of the movies individual I think I like all the movies together (well maybe just episodes 3-6).

Conclusion: Even though Star Wars has a really simple plot and nothing really happens in each individual movie overall it is pretty good and I’ll probably watch them again (well I would never rent all of them again.. but I would definitely consider watching them if they were on TV and I had nothing better to do).


  1. haha you and your love for Machiavellian ethics. eko would not be happy.

  2. Megan again...

    I'm glad you came to the light side and have realized the truth that Star Wars is amazing. And the music that you say is always the same? It's always the same because it is AWESOME. Yeah, that's right, it's AWESOME. Star Wars should be watched as many times as possible to fully appreciate the full awesomeness that it truly is. Love these movies. And the fight scenes are intense man! Luke and Vader fighting in the dark with smoke all around them with light sabers clashing! And when the ewok dies it's so sad! The poor teddy bears. Han and Leia are a great couple and Luke is a dashing hero! Man, I want to watch these movies, maybe this weekend... :)

  3. I like the Yoda whoop-ass fight scenes. Most of the others I could do without. Like I said, I'm mainly interested in the droids and also watching Hans Solo look sexy. What was the story about again? LOL.

    Seriously, though... I like the idea of the force and that there is both good and evil inside us all. I don't like characters that are purely good or purely evil. And I do like that they got the oppportunity (over the course of six movies) to really develop Anakin/Vader's character and show just what an interesting character arc he really has. Luke is somewhat interesting. I don't know if I'd call him dashing... but then again, I hardly look away from Hans Solo long enough to notice. I like Leia too. I hear in the books, her character is fleshed out a lot more. She has the potential to be a Jedi too. But I think she ends up deciding that her talents in diplomacy are better/more needed. So she goes the route her mother did and joins the Senate or something.

    But yeah. I don't really get what all the fuss is about either. I'll watch them if they're on. Mainly for Hans Solo (did I mention how hot he is?). But I didn't really consider myself a fan of sci-fi until I started watching Doctor Who a few years later. Now that is an amazing show.