Friday, July 24, 2009

The only reason I hate being a registered democrat

Today the phone rang, my mom answered it, woke me up, handed me the phone, and then she preceded to stand there for the entire phone conversation.

The phone call was from a lady who volunteered at Planned Parenthood and wanted me to call my local congressmen to support certain pro-choice legislature.
Normally I would have gladly listened to the lady talk and even expressed my support for their cause

… But the whole time my mom stood there giving me the “maybe I should have given you the ‘don’t have sex talk.’ a long time ago” look
So needless to say I had to cut the phone conversation short and had to reassure my mother that they were calling about some legislation.

Conclusion: places like Planned Parenthood should have blocked numbers.

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  1. that is awesome. although is this post just a cover-up on what the call was really about??