Friday, July 31, 2009

Markers of Old Age

According to this PEW research poll 13 % of individuals call themselves old when they get gray hair… I guess this means that people in my family become old when they are in there 20’s.

..... Obviously I know I am not “old” because I have some gray hair.
But I do find it interesting that having gray hair is a factor in considering yourself old… I would assume getting gray hair would be one of the first things that would happen to you on this list.


  1. so i'm pretty sure i am the best sister...that is all

  2. so i know i am the best sister because i am the most gray.

  3. I found a gray hair... It was traumatizing. But I refuse to call myself old. I think that's ridiculous. Especially when some people start getting gray hairs in their 20s. And anyway, with life expectancies being what they are... old definitely has a different meaning now that it did before.