Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iowa City Adventure

A couple of weekends ago I was reunited with the wonderful girls of the 820 Iowa Ave (aka the roommates) to clean the house before our lease ended.
The weekend was mostly spent talking about Allison’s European adventures, judging complete strangers, reminiscing over the past year, and most importantly checking things off our summer to do list.

As a result of a large amount of alcohol Saturday became a little more eventful then we originally thought it would be.

1. We realized how much fun jumping on an old mattress could be.

And as a result of my brilliant idea to jump on this mattress, we made new friends. Friends who also believed the most important thing to do at 2am involved jumping on an old mattress.

2. because of these new friends Allison finally got to steal (maybe I should say borrow) the picnic table she had wanted to take all year.
if only we would have known six months ago that all we had to do was ask a group of complete strangers to help us, we could have enjoyed the table all year.

3. because of these new friends, Stephanie finally found a group of people who would teach her how to skateboard.
Conclusion: apparently it is okay to talk to complete stranger because they may become friends who help you steal a picnic table and teach you to skateboard.


  1. it sounds like your adventure was very fun. i wonder what exciting parts you don't remember?

  2. that night was brilliant!! and it all started with you wanting to jump on the mattress.

    thanks ksloss. you are such an inspiration ;)