Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ice Age

I’m a sucker for movies with talking animals in it, especially when the animals are non-traditional animals like giraffes and penguins. (I once skipped a class my freshmen year to watch a movie with talking zebras in it.)

This past weekend I saw the new Ice Age movie and since it had all the qualities of a movie I would like
1. talking animals
2. humor only a child could appreciate
3. and I loved the first two.

I decided to go see it.

Overall I thought the movie was good.. not great.
I had no problem looking past the idea that…
1. animals could talk
2. a mammoth and a sloth could be BFFs
3. obviously many of the main characters (animals) in the movie did not exist during the same time period

but when it came to the idea that dinosaurs could live under ground in a “special” world during the ice age… I lost it.

For some reason talking animals didn’t bother me but the lack of historical accuracy of the movie drove me insane.
Having dinosaurs live on earth during a time that was ruled by mammals (and allowing a sloth to take care of 3 baby t-rexs) is just ridiculous.
It would be like making a movie about the civil war and adding universal suffrage and equality to America... you just aren’t allowed to change important aspect of history to make a movie have a better plot.

Conclusion: when you are making a movie it is okay to include un-realistic talking animals but it is not okay to make up facts about history.

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