Friday, July 24, 2009

home for the summer = insanity

1. Every single night when I am putting her to bed and I am wearing some sort of “perry” t-shirt she ask me if I am wearing her shirt. And every single night I have to explain to her that she wouldn’t want to wear my medium sized t-shirts and that we only have one soccer t-shirt that is the same.

2. she makes me go to town every single day for something ridiculous, like beets. (normally I like getting away from the house but during this week I am stuck driving a car that barely works and each time I stop I’m afraid it will no longer run)

3. even though I tell her every night I have no desire to watch tv and I am perfectly content with reading or watching a movie, she still tells me what is on tv every hour. And say phrases like “did you see that” “oh, they have a new show on” or “have you seen this show already” as if I am able to see and hear the tv in the other room.

4. I have to explain to her how to send a text message at least once a day.

5. she remember the most pointless stuff I tell her… like “when you don’t feel good you sleep exactly like Kinsey does when she is hung-over” but she can’t remember things I tell her all the time, for example I have explained to her my life plan a million times and she never seems to remember any of it.

6. She will wake me up in the morning by walking into my room and saying “beep, beep, beep” jut because she knows how much her machine annoys me when it beeps. (she has also influenced my dad to do it a couple of times)

7. When I am sitting outside reading she will call me because she was concerned that I fell downstairs and broke my leg or disappeared off the face of the planet. (which would be sweet if she didn’t do it everyday)


  1. great post, kelsey. i'm happy that you are back to blogging.

  2. have i told you you how much I wish I would not of read this blog. It is times likes this that you should be Thankful that we did the best we could with you. love mom