Friday, July 24, 2009

Example sentences

Random example sentences I have come across when studying for the GRE.
Obviously each sentence uses the word correctly, but for some reason I believe they could have came up with a better example for the following words.

-The aged hippie used anachronistic phrases like groovy and far out that ad not been popular for years.

-The presence of giant footprints bolstered the argument that Sasquatch was in the area.

-Bugs Bunny was able to dupe Elmer Fudd by dressing up as a lady rabbit.

-His fear and hatred of clowns was engendered when he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a clown.

-Linus’s central dogma was that children who believed in the Great Pumpkin would be rewarded.

-The stromtroppers were fanatical in their devotion to the Emperor, readily sacrificing their lives for him.

-Scrooge McDuck frugality was so great that he accumulated enough wealth to fill a giant storehouse with money.

My only conclusion is… who ever came up with these examples must have spent a lot of time watching TV as a child.

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