Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back.

I can honestly say that I really didn’t learn anything new from this movie. And the only shocking thing that I would have found out was something I already knew.
...the whole Darth Vader being Luke Skywalkers Father thing (and I believe that anybody who would have paid nay attention throughout the movie could have figured that one out.)

but i was pleased to learn (but totally saw it coming) was the whole Princess Leia and Han Solo falling in love (which is semi-unimportant and I only care about because I was a really grossed out by the idea of Leia and Luke making out)

The movie just seemed mediocre to me and I even wikipedia and used some site called Wookieepedia (the stars wars version of wikipedia) to find out exactly what I was suppose to learn and it provided with no more insight then I got from just watching the movie.
… There wasn’t even one crazy theory mentioned.

So far my conclusion on the success of Star Wars is based on the fact that the toys and action figures for these movies would have been really REALLY cool.

But then again my problem with the Star Wars saga is that I may already know too much from pop culture to really appreciate how “awesome” it is.


  1. i don't like star wars. i think it is popular because boys like to watch fighting.

  2. how did you come across wookieepedia? that's incredible

  3. I'm personally a fan of