Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Big crayons. Yes. Markers. No

anybody who has spent more then 10 minutes talking to me or stalking me on the internet knows that I worked at Disney World for 8 months and with that I gained some insight into how things really work inside the wonderful world of Disney.
(Side note: I apologize in advance for this being something only current and ex-cast members will understand... But I do guarantee that Jeremy, Derek, and Monique will find be entertained.)

I have recently fallen in love with these new Sharpie Pens and went to their website to see what colors the pen comes in. (I have a lot of free time on my hands). Through my search I ran into an advertisement saying that Sharpie was the official marker of Walt Disney World.

Being a cast member who worked in merchandise I know for a fact that they do not sell Sharpie markers in the parks. (They have there reasons… just imagine what would happen if you had thousands of 5 years old walking around magic kingdom with a permanent marker).
I am also positive that they do not sell any markers in the parks. (You can correct me if I am wrong, But I can’t recall selling one in my 8 months.)

I just think it is funny that you can be the official marker when you aren’t even sold on property.


  1. are the colors like "disney pink"?

  2. Hey, it's Megan! I read your blog from time to time (especially now since I'm curious about your feeling on the awesomeness that is Star Wars) and I think that we sold some markers that came in a pack. Like the ones in the Marie and Cars kits? Or the Tink and Princess ones? I know they definatly had crayons (duh lol) but I think they may have had markers. Hard to really recall since they were sealed closed and the inside was wrapped in foil so the only time I saw them was when we had to damage them out for kids breaking them open. lol

  3. you are right i forgot about them... but if anything i may call them highlighter (like pretend markers).
    i am positive they never sold sharpies... i remember some one explaining to my they didn't (it was probably some like kirk who just had way to much Disney knowledge that no one really cared about.)

  4. would kind of be like if you sold the official Walt Disney World gum...thats an idea

  5. Well we did have sharpies at the cash wraps. I remember a few times the Citizens of Hollywood coming in to borrow one because someone asked them for an autograph. And Character attendants were told to keep them on hand just in case anybody forgot their pen or it stopped working in the middle of a character signing their autograph book (plus some people wanted them to sign hats and shirts and stuff... can't really do that with a regular ball point). And I do remember having like a whole tray of them in the back sometimes. And I know that we use them on a daily basis in ticketing. Oh and for writing all the names on the buttons. All Sharpie brand. I come home with black and blue sharpie marks on my fingers every single day (you'd think I'd learn).

    But yeah. I don't think they really encourage guests to come to the park with sharpies or to buy them inside. That wouldn't be pretty.

    I don't remember if they ever sold sharpies... I never went looking for them. I know we didn't in Mickey's... but maybe in Writer's Stop? Do we know anyone who worked there? But it would make more sense for them to make them less readily available.

    Oh and I do believe that they had those colored markers in some of those packs of mini posters like Megan said. But most of those things are washable, though. Right?