Friday, July 31, 2009

Another person to blame underage drinking on

I have recently taken an interest in reading the NYTimes blog section. It is normally a hit or miss if the blogs are any good.
The majority of the time they just re-link you to an article they have written. But I have come to accept this knowing that I only read blog topics that interest me and hence I am only linked to articles that interest to me.

When looking through the Well blog on the site (normally this is one I avoid, since modern medical science doesn’t really interest me).
But I found an article linking Harry Potter and underage drinking. Being me I found this super interesting and of course I had to read the full article.

It was called “Harry Potter and the Pint of Liquid Courage” and the article began by saying: “Hermione is tipsy. Neville is serving drinks. Ron is sipping mead and Harry is partying with his professors.”

They go through discussing how whether “Hogwarts” has a drinking problem and what kind of message this is sending to the youth of American and the world.
They may very well have sound argument but the whole time I thought “is this article really necessarily… Harry Potter is a wizard who spends his time fighting the Dark Lord and you’re afraid that the youth of the world is going to most influenced by a butterbeers”

Needless to say I found the article hilarious.


  1. I actually solely blame harry potter for underage drinking. It is all his fault.

  2. what is with kaci commenting on all of your blogs?

  3. LOL. Haven't they blamed Harry Potter for enough stuff? Like leading children to Satan and teaching them witchcraft and bringing about the fall of the human race? Honestly...

    Liquid luck (not liquid courage) is a potion. It has nothing to do with people who get drunk to lose their inhibitions and be able to talk to people in a bar. And anyway, Europeans have a very different idea about underage drinking than we do. It's just some stupid American trying to impose what he believes to be American values on something that is not American (as much as we'd like to stake claim to such a successful intellectual property).

    Why are people so stupid?

    I suppose it is entertaining in a way...

    On a slightly related note... did you hear that Daniel Radcliffe donated a ton of money to help out LGBTQ youth? There's this crisis hotline and help center that he donated money to. I can't wait to see the backlash from that. First Dumbledore is gay... now Harry is helping out gay kids. LOL. I just know some idiot somewhere is going to write a blog or make a sign and protest.