Friday, July 31, 2009

Markers of Old Age

According to this PEW research poll 13 % of individuals call themselves old when they get gray hair… I guess this means that people in my family become old when they are in there 20’s.

..... Obviously I know I am not “old” because I have some gray hair.
But I do find it interesting that having gray hair is a factor in considering yourself old… I would assume getting gray hair would be one of the first things that would happen to you on this list.

Another person to blame underage drinking on

I have recently taken an interest in reading the NYTimes blog section. It is normally a hit or miss if the blogs are any good.
The majority of the time they just re-link you to an article they have written. But I have come to accept this knowing that I only read blog topics that interest me and hence I am only linked to articles that interest to me.

When looking through the Well blog on the site (normally this is one I avoid, since modern medical science doesn’t really interest me).
But I found an article linking Harry Potter and underage drinking. Being me I found this super interesting and of course I had to read the full article.

It was called “Harry Potter and the Pint of Liquid Courage” and the article began by saying: “Hermione is tipsy. Neville is serving drinks. Ron is sipping mead and Harry is partying with his professors.”

They go through discussing how whether “Hogwarts” has a drinking problem and what kind of message this is sending to the youth of American and the world.
They may very well have sound argument but the whole time I thought “is this article really necessarily… Harry Potter is a wizard who spends his time fighting the Dark Lord and you’re afraid that the youth of the world is going to most influenced by a butterbeers”

Needless to say I found the article hilarious.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Return of The Jedi

I have just finished the last Star Wars movie (well, as in the 6 movies. I have been told there are other movies and books…. Which I find just crazy)
And I had my normal criticism for this movie
- when things crash they blow up way to easily
- the music is the same
- the fighting was mediocre.

But then the movie ended and I think I sold part of my soul to George Lucas (once again I’m convinced he is the devil) because I gave into this whole idea of the force and realized how awesome Star Wars actually is.

I think I really just bought into the idea that Darth Vader was always good and just went over to the dark side because he was power hungry and thought the only way to be happy was to be the most powerful person ever.
I probably just think this because Machiavellian ethics is my favorite (well when considering the generic list of ethics) and I think it is completely okay to do whatever necessary to get to the top. For Darth Vader to get to the top he just needed to kill a large amount of individuals (and honestly… he really didn’t have anything else to live for)

So even though I didn’t really enjoy any of the movies individual I think I like all the movies together (well maybe just episodes 3-6).

Conclusion: Even though Star Wars has a really simple plot and nothing really happens in each individual movie overall it is pretty good and I’ll probably watch them again (well I would never rent all of them again.. but I would definitely consider watching them if they were on TV and I had nothing better to do).

Big crayons. Yes. Markers. No

anybody who has spent more then 10 minutes talking to me or stalking me on the internet knows that I worked at Disney World for 8 months and with that I gained some insight into how things really work inside the wonderful world of Disney.
(Side note: I apologize in advance for this being something only current and ex-cast members will understand... But I do guarantee that Jeremy, Derek, and Monique will find be entertained.)

I have recently fallen in love with these new Sharpie Pens and went to their website to see what colors the pen comes in. (I have a lot of free time on my hands). Through my search I ran into an advertisement saying that Sharpie was the official marker of Walt Disney World.

Being a cast member who worked in merchandise I know for a fact that they do not sell Sharpie markers in the parks. (They have there reasons… just imagine what would happen if you had thousands of 5 years old walking around magic kingdom with a permanent marker).
I am also positive that they do not sell any markers in the parks. (You can correct me if I am wrong, But I can’t recall selling one in my 8 months.)

I just think it is funny that you can be the official marker when you aren’t even sold on property.

The Empire Strikes Back.

I can honestly say that I really didn’t learn anything new from this movie. And the only shocking thing that I would have found out was something I already knew.
...the whole Darth Vader being Luke Skywalkers Father thing (and I believe that anybody who would have paid nay attention throughout the movie could have figured that one out.)

but i was pleased to learn (but totally saw it coming) was the whole Princess Leia and Han Solo falling in love (which is semi-unimportant and I only care about because I was a really grossed out by the idea of Leia and Luke making out)

The movie just seemed mediocre to me and I even wikipedia and used some site called Wookieepedia (the stars wars version of wikipedia) to find out exactly what I was suppose to learn and it provided with no more insight then I got from just watching the movie.
… There wasn’t even one crazy theory mentioned.

So far my conclusion on the success of Star Wars is based on the fact that the toys and action figures for these movies would have been really REALLY cool.

But then again my problem with the Star Wars saga is that I may already know too much from pop culture to really appreciate how “awesome” it is.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

“old people” are hilarious…

Overheard at the Doctors:

“It’s hot enough in here to kill a horse”
“Pomegranate? What is that some kind of soda.”
“45 dollars co-pay! That’s outrageous… where is Obama when you need him.”
“I want to switch to this new family doctor b/c he is much older then my current doctor and I’m positive he must know more. My only fear is that he is going to retire.”
“No I can’t pay my 2 dollar co-pay from the last time I was here.”
“Don’t you think it is just horrible what has happen to Jon and Kate”
“I don’t think your phone can be set to silent… the lowest settings are vibrate and no sound”

Iowa City Adventure

A couple of weekends ago I was reunited with the wonderful girls of the 820 Iowa Ave (aka the roommates) to clean the house before our lease ended.
The weekend was mostly spent talking about Allison’s European adventures, judging complete strangers, reminiscing over the past year, and most importantly checking things off our summer to do list.

As a result of a large amount of alcohol Saturday became a little more eventful then we originally thought it would be.

1. We realized how much fun jumping on an old mattress could be.

And as a result of my brilliant idea to jump on this mattress, we made new friends. Friends who also believed the most important thing to do at 2am involved jumping on an old mattress.

2. because of these new friends Allison finally got to steal (maybe I should say borrow) the picnic table she had wanted to take all year.
if only we would have known six months ago that all we had to do was ask a group of complete strangers to help us, we could have enjoyed the table all year.

3. because of these new friends, Stephanie finally found a group of people who would teach her how to skateboard.
Conclusion: apparently it is okay to talk to complete stranger because they may become friends who help you steal a picnic table and teach you to skateboard.

An Awesome Book

Forever ago one of my friends blogged about this children book and I meant to re-blog about it... but at the time I was going through one of those “I’m to busy to blog” stages and since now that I am going through one of those “I have a new devotion to my blog” stages. It only seems appropriate that I re-post it now.

The book is by Dallas Clayton and is called “An Awesome Book” (I imagine you will have a hard time figuring out why I like it )
After reading it I thought Kaci and Kassie might enjoy it, mostly because 1) it is a children book and 2) b/c it is semi-inspirational… (in a you should use your imagination way.)

I also had a star wars advertisement pop up on my computer and I thought that was a warning sign that I need to blog about something else…

Star wars: A New Hope


- episode 1-3 should never had been made. If someone wants to know the back ground of Dark Vadar they should just google it.

- the fighting in this movie wasn’t all that great. I currently wouldn’t want to buy the video game… but then again I know that in 1977 the graphics for this movie was years ahead of its times.

- when do we find out that Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker are twins… b/c each time she kissed him on the check I was slightly freaked out. (I realized quickly that I should have watched the original movies before watching the “new” ones)

- There was like no lightsaber action in this movie. And I’m convinced that Darth Vader and Obi-Wan should have had a way more intense fighting scene then the one that actually took place. (Once again the down fall of watching 3 movies that was controlled by fighting and no dialogue)

- I don’t understand how Luke Skywalker can come and save the day when he really has had no experience in fighting.

- This whole idea of the force… seems just stupid to me. They don’t explain how it works or why it is important in this movie.

- Darth Vader doesn’t seem that evil to me… I have intense expectations for the next two movies.

- I was shocked that there was actual dialogue in this movie

- the movies ends with out answering any of my questions and without explaining anything about who the main characters are.

- George Lucas is probably the devil and I’m convinced that Harrison Ford must have sold his soul to him.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Star Wars

I have never actually sat down and watched any of the star wars movies and the only thing I know about star wars is what you need to know to understand pop culture jokes.
I have recently decided that watching all 6 star wars movies is something you should do before you die… so this week I have decided it is my goal to finish them
(I was also a little influenced when my uncle gave me the original 3 on vhs).
So I have officially watched The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and The Revenge of the Sith.

Some things I have come to realize about the star wars saga is.
1. There is just one generic star wars song.
2. the first two movies really have no dialogue (the third episode was by far the best of the first 3, mostly b/c people actually talked.)
3. The video games to the movies would be way cooler then the actual movies.
4. I am impressed with people who know so much about the characters and places, they all seem to have weird names. (but I do really like the name Anakin… but hate that if I ever met anybody by that name I would immediately judge his parents.)
5. I do like how we are told how Anakin becomes evil… but I am left to wonder if they explain all of this in the original Star Wars movie.
6. Lightsabers are pretty cool.
7. each time someone’s space ship (thing) is hit and the person just loses control (but you don’t see them die) I wonder how long they float in space before they just die… and then what happens to all that wreckage from the planes. (b/c that would be a crappy job to clean that up.. )
8. I still don’t understand how you become a Jedi… the whole time I was just comparing it to how Harry Potter becomes a wizard (I compared the two movies a lot. they kept on calling Anakin the chosen one… what was I suppose to think)
9. I am sure George Lucas got the plot for Star Wars from some political belief that politicians have too much power or not enough power… but I haven’t figured out what side he wants his viewers to be on.

And it is safe to say that I am more confused about the plot of the Star Wars saga now then I was before I started watching them.

Yep. I got my free pocket sized Constitution… did you?

I went into Motor Parts today to get my free copy of the US Constitution that was promised in our local newspaper.

I asked “Bob” why a business would need to give away free copies of the constitution and what he getting out of it.
He explained to me that we live in the most powerful and greatest country in the world and that is all being taking away because the politicians in this country no longer follow what was written in our constitution.
Obviously I had a problem with the majority of the things he expressed, but me being personally afraid that he was one of those crazy right-wing nut jobs I decided to keep my mouth shut. (You know the ones who believe the founding father wanted America to be a Christian nation and how our politicians should consult god before doing anything…. and plus I was also afraid he was a member of the NRA and kept a gun in his glove department).

He then elaborates and begins talking about how all politicians are corrupted and if they just re-read the constitution the country would be run more smoothly. (Which once again is a complete lie... but at this point I’m thinking I don’t really care what he thinks.)
My father then tells him I’m a political science major and I just like “talking” about this stuff.
Bob asks me where I go and what I want to do with my degree.
I tell him I go to Iowa (and he gets one of those looks… like yuck, I’m an iowa state fan) and then I tell him that right now I am leaning towards working for a political campaign.
And of all of a sudden he had no desire to talk to us anymore … I had an internal debate if it was because I go to a liberal college or because I’m a poli sci major.

Of course when we leave he reminds me that all politics is corrupted (he even says something about little league) and to help with this I should promise to read the constitution and to tell my friends to read it.

To wrap up this little blog post. You all should read the constitution… even though I am positive that the majority of people out there who will read this blog have read the constitution at least once in school. So I guess you all need to re-read the constitution. If anything do it to make a crazy small town business owner happy. (and it would be great if you could read it in some corrupt way… like maybe only listen to the original parts, you know the parts that say slavery is okay and how suffrage is a bad idea)

(Side note: The pocket version of the constitution is pretty cool. I actually really wish I had it when I was taking classes that related to constitutional politics. )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

free constitutuion?

i really just want to know why a business would ever need to give away a free U.S. Constitutution.... and why it was important to add "no purchase reguired. just your promise to read it"
for some reason i believe 'bob' is trying to hide something

Friday, July 24, 2009

The only reason I hate being a registered democrat

Today the phone rang, my mom answered it, woke me up, handed me the phone, and then she preceded to stand there for the entire phone conversation.

The phone call was from a lady who volunteered at Planned Parenthood and wanted me to call my local congressmen to support certain pro-choice legislature.
Normally I would have gladly listened to the lady talk and even expressed my support for their cause

… But the whole time my mom stood there giving me the “maybe I should have given you the ‘don’t have sex talk.’ a long time ago” look
So needless to say I had to cut the phone conversation short and had to reassure my mother that they were calling about some legislation.

Conclusion: places like Planned Parenthood should have blocked numbers.


my uncle called me twice this morning to tell me about an "awesome" garage sale. after ignoring both calls he knocks on our front door and hands me 8 vhs. telling me to watch them and he would bring me out more later.
.... i'm pretty sure i don't have a vhs player and (i'm not positive) but i don't think they make vhs players anymore.


Reason number one why i love my local Hy-Vee

home for the summer = insanity

1. Every single night when I am putting her to bed and I am wearing some sort of “perry” t-shirt she ask me if I am wearing her shirt. And every single night I have to explain to her that she wouldn’t want to wear my medium sized t-shirts and that we only have one soccer t-shirt that is the same.

2. she makes me go to town every single day for something ridiculous, like beets. (normally I like getting away from the house but during this week I am stuck driving a car that barely works and each time I stop I’m afraid it will no longer run)

3. even though I tell her every night I have no desire to watch tv and I am perfectly content with reading or watching a movie, she still tells me what is on tv every hour. And say phrases like “did you see that” “oh, they have a new show on” or “have you seen this show already” as if I am able to see and hear the tv in the other room.

4. I have to explain to her how to send a text message at least once a day.

5. she remember the most pointless stuff I tell her… like “when you don’t feel good you sleep exactly like Kinsey does when she is hung-over” but she can’t remember things I tell her all the time, for example I have explained to her my life plan a million times and she never seems to remember any of it.

6. She will wake me up in the morning by walking into my room and saying “beep, beep, beep” jut because she knows how much her machine annoys me when it beeps. (she has also influenced my dad to do it a couple of times)

7. When I am sitting outside reading she will call me because she was concerned that I fell downstairs and broke my leg or disappeared off the face of the planet. (which would be sweet if she didn’t do it everyday)

Example sentences

Random example sentences I have come across when studying for the GRE.
Obviously each sentence uses the word correctly, but for some reason I believe they could have came up with a better example for the following words.

-The aged hippie used anachronistic phrases like groovy and far out that ad not been popular for years.

-The presence of giant footprints bolstered the argument that Sasquatch was in the area.

-Bugs Bunny was able to dupe Elmer Fudd by dressing up as a lady rabbit.

-His fear and hatred of clowns was engendered when he witnessed the death of his father at the hands of a clown.

-Linus’s central dogma was that children who believed in the Great Pumpkin would be rewarded.

-The stromtroppers were fanatical in their devotion to the Emperor, readily sacrificing their lives for him.

-Scrooge McDuck frugality was so great that he accumulated enough wealth to fill a giant storehouse with money.

My only conclusion is… who ever came up with these examples must have spent a lot of time watching TV as a child.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Over the summer I have recently fell in love with this new wonderful invention called redbox… sure I know it has been around for a while now. But I now understand how awesome it actually is.

Since my summer revolves around me living in perry, ia and having a very small social life (mostly having to do with the fact that I have to be home by 9 and I have to stay up all night) I have realized there is only two things that can pass the time.
1. studying for the GRE
2. watching movies

during the past month I have realized a few things.
1. you can allows find free codes online
2. redbox’s in perry allways have the same movies
3. people over the age of 40 shouldn’t use redbox.. they should just go to blockbuster.

Emphasis on point 3.
-I have seen one couple rent a movie they had no desire to see because they got confused on how to work the machine…. For some reason they thought scanning their credit card was a good idea.
-I watched another man spend 10 minutes trying to figure out how to return a movie
- and my favorite was when two ladies ask me to recommend a movie that adults and children could watch together. (I gave them many suggestion... mostly revolving around disney) but then they also said there was an 18 year old… they definitely should just go to movie gallery then trying to spend 20 minutes debating which one of the 10 PG movies the redbox had would be entertaining to everyone.

Kassie v. my blogs

my sister, kassie, recently told me that my blogs bore her.
And after much consideration I thought about doing one of two things.

1. Deleting my blog… by saying “hey! You will miss my awesome blogs when they are no longer around”

2. or keep my blog and write blog post that she will have no desire reading… by saying “hey! you may hate my blog, but you are still going to read them bc you have nothing better to do”

needless to say I decided to go with number two.
(you should just be lucky that I update it unlike some people…)

Ice Age

I’m a sucker for movies with talking animals in it, especially when the animals are non-traditional animals like giraffes and penguins. (I once skipped a class my freshmen year to watch a movie with talking zebras in it.)

This past weekend I saw the new Ice Age movie and since it had all the qualities of a movie I would like
1. talking animals
2. humor only a child could appreciate
3. and I loved the first two.

I decided to go see it.

Overall I thought the movie was good.. not great.
I had no problem looking past the idea that…
1. animals could talk
2. a mammoth and a sloth could be BFFs
3. obviously many of the main characters (animals) in the movie did not exist during the same time period

but when it came to the idea that dinosaurs could live under ground in a “special” world during the ice age… I lost it.

For some reason talking animals didn’t bother me but the lack of historical accuracy of the movie drove me insane.
Having dinosaurs live on earth during a time that was ruled by mammals (and allowing a sloth to take care of 3 baby t-rexs) is just ridiculous.
It would be like making a movie about the civil war and adding universal suffrage and equality to America... you just aren’t allowed to change important aspect of history to make a movie have a better plot.

Conclusion: when you are making a movie it is okay to include un-realistic talking animals but it is not okay to make up facts about history.